7 Reasons Why Damon Salvatore Is A Villain, But Not A Hero

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Damon Salvatore is probably the most popular character of the Vampire Diaries. Whenever somebody mentions a hero or a villain, Damon is always there in the conversation. But what is he really? Is Damon a hero or a villain? Of course, this moody handsome and charming vampire started off as a villain who did pretty horrible things, but slowly redeemed himself by putting his own being at risk to save other lives. But is it enough to be labelled as a hero? A villain is somebody whose motives and actions are often viewed as evil, but they pretty significant to move the plot further. Nearly every character in the TVD Universe has some skeletons in their closet, it all comes down to who is less worse than the other.

So Take A Look At 7 Reasons Why Damon Salvatore Is A Villain, But Not A Hero


7 Reasons Why Damon Salvatore Is A Villain, But Not A Hero
The CW

The enmity of Stefan and Damon started when they both fell in love with the same girl named Katherine. Katherine toyed with both the brothers, but clearly her first choice was Stefan. Katherine used Salvatores to preserve her life and ended up turning them both into vampires. Stefan embraced being a vampire, but Damon didn’t want to be a vampire. But Stefan forced the transformation on Damon, he even had guilty for his actions. But Damon couldn’t forgive Stefan. He decided to offer his brother an eternity of misery. For this, Damon came up with all sorts of devious ways to make Stefan’s life miserable. He continued this for nearly a century. In the process, numerous innocents lost their lives and it followed plenty of chaos and destruction.

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7 Reasons Why Damon Salvatore Is A Villain, But Not A Hero
The CW

Even though Damon met Elena first, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was Stefan who first started the romantic relationship with her. When Damon returned to Mystic Falls and surprised his brother, he was well aware that Stefan and Elena are dating. But he still chose not to respect their boundaries. At one occasion, he compelled Elena to kiss him, but thanks to vervain he couldn’t succeed. His advances were pretty evident. In the finale episode, he even kissed Elena (who we later learned is Katherine), but still it’s completely wrong on his part to kiss his brother’s girlfriend. And when Stefan offered himself to Klaus’ service in exchange for cure for Damon’s werewolf bite, Damon took the chance to grew closer with Elena while searching for Stefan.


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