7 Reasons Why Mukesh Ambani Is More Successful Than Anil Ambani!

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Dhirubhai Ambani was one of India’s leading business tycoons and a national hero, his sons were Mukesh and Anil Ambani. In the year 2002, when Dhirubhai Ambani died, Reliance Industries Limited, led by him was taken over by his sons Mukesh and Anil. Dhirubhai didn’t leave any will for the company, so Mukesh was made the chairman and Anil, vice chairman of the Reliance Industries.

But the reasons why Mukesh Ambani is more successful than his brother Anil are mentioned below:

1. Cash backflow:

Both the brothers had an equal share of the company which was made sure by their mother Kokilaben Ambani, but Mukesh generated loads of money with investing in his future visions which turned out to be profitable to him. Now he had cash loads for investing wherever he wanted. Anil on the other hand also invested in Naval, Defense but had no company which produced cash like Reliance, so he went into debts.

Reasons Why Mukesh Ambani Is More Successful Than Anil Ambani!

2. Future vision:

Mukesh Ambani had a future vision for the projects he invested on, which made him invest as much needed as he knew he would get the return and a lot of profit from it. Take Reliance Jio for example, which was a revolution in the telecom industry. He invested 34 billion dollars in 2010 for high-speed 4G internet during the time when 3g was just released and nobody could ever think of free unlimited 4G internet.

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3. He wanted to fulfil his father’s wish:

On the birth anniversary of Dhirubhai in 2003, Mukesh launched Reliance Infocom services in India. The campaign was made around Dhirubhai’s dream of making voice calls on mobile phones cheaper than a 50-paise postcard and this was made possible by the project launched by Mukesh Ambani. Call rates soon became very affordable and accessible to all.

4. He was a born leader:

Unlike Anil, who was ready to give all the position and percentage share to his elder brother Mukesh, and just wanted a space in the company, Mukesh on the other hand always wanted full power on the industry led by their father. In an interview, he said – Well, there are some issues which are related to ownership. These are all in a private domain, but as far as Reliance is concerned it is a very strong professional company.’

5. He changed everything in just 10 years:

In the year 2005, the empire of Rs 99000 crore was divided equally between the two brothers. Mukesh got the Reliance industries and Anil took over the Reliance Infocomm, Reliance Energy and Reliance Capital. In just one year, Anil, due to his multiple businesses became 3rd richest Indian surpassing Mukesh by 550 crores. On the other hand, Mukesh was playing for the long term. In just 10 years the difference was around 41 billion dollars.

6. Targeting one business at a time:

Anil loved to play with too many things at the same time. This is what makes him high. Mukesh loved doing one thing with perfection. Mukesh always businesses at a much larger scale and he could wait years for the cash overflow. On the other hand, Anil was always behind a quick return of cash. He even collected cash from the public first and then took years to build a business. Unlike Anil, Mukesh first developed his business and then come to the public for the offers.

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7. Focus on every minute details:

Anil used to love flashy lifestyles. He rarely managed any business at a micro level, It is said that Mukesh conducted meetings for hours without even taking a loo break. He is called the God of details. You must study a lot about him in depth to understand his personal contribution to his businesses.

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