7 Reasons Why “The Exorcist” Is A Cursed Film

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Exorcist was based on William Blatty’s novel and it was about a teen girl who was possessed by a dangerous demon. It was the scariest movie of that time and brought fear within everyone who watched it. After various investigations, people started to believe that this whole film was cursed by some demon due to some tragic events. So stay with us a bit more to know why did people think so.

So here are the 7 reasons why people believed that The Exorcist was cursed by a demon!

1. Based on a real-life incident

7 Reasons Why People Think That "The Exorcist" Is Cursed

This film was based on a real-life incident and a boy named Roland Doe was said to be possessed by a demon. Catholic priests from Georgetown University Hospital actually performed an exorcism to get rid of the demon but the boy let himself free and slashed the hands of one of the priests by the bed spring. William wrote this novel in the year 1971 and also told that the boy was then brought to a normal state and had no memory of anything.

2. Set caught fire

7 Reasons Why People Think That "The Exorcist" Is Cursed

The shooting of this movie was interrupted when it caught fire suddenly. It was said that a winged creature with talons came and caused fire through the circuit boxes, many also say that it was a pigeon. But who knows what caused the fire suddenly.

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3. Ellen Burstyn got hurt

7 Reasons Why People Think That "The Exorcist" Is Cursed

During the shooting one of the scenes, Ellen Burstyn who was playing the role of Reagan’s mother got hurt when Reagan threw her at the ground. She creamed and got hurt and that scene was actually captured and put into the movie. So that particular scene was actually real.

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