7 Richest Cast Members Of Supernatural And Their Net Worth

The CW

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Supernatural has arguably the most passionate fanbase in the world. The enthusiastic fandom has kept the show alive even though its been a year since the show ended after completing its 15th Season. The show has provided an amazing platform to many actors who have now become a household name. Not only the show gave them fame, but also granted them an immense fortune due to the success of this dark fantasy show. While the lead actors Jensen, Jared, and Misha probably got the biggest share of the pie. Apart from acting, the actors of Supernatural own different kinds of businesses and investments which have made them quite wealthy.

So Take A Look At 7 Richest Cast Members Of Supernatural And Their Net Worth

7. MISHA COLLINS ($2 Million)

7 Richest Cast Members Of Supernatural And Their Net Worth
The CW

Originally Misha Collins’ character Castiel was supposed to last for only a few episodes, but after witnessing the amazing response it received, creators promoted it to a recurring character. Undoubtedly, Castiel has been an important character of the Supernatural. Before roping the role of Castiel, Misha made cameos and guest appearances in popular shows such as E.R., Without a Trace, NCIS, CSI, 24 and numerous others.

6. KATIE CASSIDY ($3 Million)


Katie Cassidy has earned the nickname of the Scream Queen due to her appearance in horror movies such as Black Christmas, When A Stranger Calls, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and numerous others. The actress major role came in Supernatural where she played the demon named Ruby. However, after disagreement over her character’s storyline and vision, she left the show and appeared in a leading role in the hit Harper’s Island. But her breakthrough role came when she appeared as Black Canary AKA Laurel Lance in the CW’s Arrow. She reprised her role in Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash.

Supernatural Easter Eggs In Other Popular Shows

5. MARK PELLEGRINO ($4 Million)

7 Richest Cast Members Of Supernatural And Their Net Worth
The CW

While there have several different versions of Lucifer in the TV and film media. But for the SPN fans, Mark Pellegrino would always remain the best. The actor first appeared in Season 5 and kept making guest appearances until the final season. Apart from Supernatural, the actor has appeared in Dexter as Paul Bennett, Jacob in the hit series ‘Lost’, and as Clayton Haas in the ABC thriller show Quantico. The actor started his career with the hit series ‘The X-Files’. He has also appeared in popular movies such as Mulholland Drive, The Big Lebowski, and Natural Treasure.


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