7 Riddles That Will Test Your Brain Age

Hello intellectuals out there! Today Humor Nation is going to present to you a very interesting article. Human mind is full of power. It is so creative. And we can also say it is full of mysteries. Also, if you don’t indulge in activities to sharpen you brain, it may become dull and inactive with time. Riddles and logical reasoning questions are very important to activate your brain cells. Today we have brought to you 7 riddles that will tease your brain. If you solved these then you are a genius. Answers are also provided, but do not cheat. Try before you see the answer. Give yourself only 20 minutes to answer these. At the end you can count the average age of your brain.

So Let’s Take A Look At 7 Riddles That Will Test Your Brain Age!

1. Just check out these two pictures! There is a common mistake in these picture. Figure it out.

2. Check out the image and try to answer that how many holes this t-shirt have?

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3 . Try This one: See the image and try to give it a name .

4. Can you spot a mistake here?

5 . See the picture. Can you see a hidden baby?

6. See and tell, which among the two lines is longer ?

7. See the picture clearly and tell if can you spot Mike Wazowski?


Let’s know the results. If it took more than 20 secs to answer these question or can’t answer that, then you have a brain of a mature person. You can see objects beyond a level. You imagination is low. And your mind could not handle change easily.

So Let’s Take A Look At The Answers!

Answer 1: If we rotate and check the images. The lips and eyes are stuck upside down to the face. But our brain does not recognize the difference. Actually our brain is used to seeing the common things hence it could not recognize the difference. Another interesting thing is some people can turn their tongue upside down.That’s weird. Okay try next.

Answer 2: This question does not specify which holes are this talking about. So the correct answer will be 8. One neck hole, two arm holes, 1 big hole from where we wear it . And two holes at the front face of the t-shirt and two at the back since we can see the background. Hence 8 it is. If you have answered this congratulations!

Answer 3: Please do share your answers in the comment section below. Although this was a question to test your brain that if you can recognize the camouflage bird shape on its bark. If you did, yes! you have an active brain.

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Answer 4: No the mistake was not in numbers or in the colors. But it was in the question. That spot occurred two-time. You brain does not respond to this mistakes. Many times you may encounter this time of mistake done commonly on a website, shopping sites etc. But due to conventional functioning of brain it does not check to it. Sometimes due to bad eyes you cannot read word written at far distance, but it becomes clearer when somebody tells you whats written there, or is not because your eyes become better, it is because your brain recognizes and makes the picture complete.

Answer 5: The baby isn’t in the picture, but if you follow the branches of the tree and connect it. You can encounter a shape that is of a baby. The bottom part is at right and the head is at left. He is lying on his back. Great art though!

7 Riddles That Will Test Your Brain Age

Answer 6: The answer is very obvious. But a research were performed where 5 people were given the same question, but 4 of them were asked to lie. So they told that the wrong answer was correct and the fifth one seeing them told that they’re right.

This happens in our daily life too with 75% people. Whenever anybody tells a joke that everybody laugh too even though you don’t understand the joke you laugh too. It is because our brain usually thinks that whatever majority of people is doing must be correct. Train your brain wisely!

Answer 7: There is one, but it is green.

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