7 Superheroes From Raj Comics That You Should Know About

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Raj Comics is one of the biggest comic book publishers in India. It has published more than 35,000 comics to date. Today we will be taking a looking at the various Superheroes from the Raj Comics Universe.

So Take A Look At 7 Superheroes From Raj Comics That You Should Know About


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Nagraj is one of the most popular characters of Raj Comics. The character is inspired from the the concept of ‘Icchadhari Nags of the Hindu Mythology. The snakes who can shape shift and take a human form. Nagraj has several powers and abilities. He has the most poisonous venom flowing through his veins which he can exhale out through his breath at his wish. His venom could cause severe damage to his victims, ranging from paralysis to sudden death, depending on how much concentration of venom he uses.

Nagraj’s body is a host of millions of snakes and he can summon them to carry out several kinds of tasks such as making a rope out of them, restraining someone or attacking them. He also possesses some special kind of snakes which can be used for special purposes such as the ‘Destructive Snakes‘ which explode on contact with an object, the ‘Glowy Snakes‘ which can emit light, the ‘Nagfani Snakes‘ which have sharp cactus like thorns, the ‘Microscopic Snakes‘ which are extremely small and can be injected into someone’s blood and then take over and control the host. Nagraj also has the ability of super speed and super strength. He can also disintegrate his body into various small particles which could be teleported from one place to other.

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Many people might think that Tiranga is a rip-off of Captain America due to the similarities in their costume and both carry a shield. Both symbolize patriotism. But unlike Captain America, he doesn’t possess extreme superhuman strength like Captain America. Some of his stories are very memorable and his poetic dialogues take inspiration from the old classic Manoj Kumar’s movies.


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The character of Doga takes inspiration from Marvel’s Punisher, but he only takes inspiration and it’s not a rip-off. Both are vigilante and believe in uprooting the cause of the problem rather than improving it. Both the characters have a completely different background story. Suraj was an orphan who was found in the garbage by a dacoit named Daku Halkan Singh who treated him like a dog. Under the care of Dacoit Halkan, he witnessed many horrors which made him a sociopath.

Doga has no special powers or abilities other than he is able to communicate with the dogs who supply him with the needed information. Doga is trained in martial arts and has impressive physical power which resulted from his years of training in gym. He is also skilled with various kinds of guns and bombs. Doga displays no mercy towards the criminals and extremely hates them. He also has a high pain tolerance.


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