7 Things About Stefan Salvatore That Many Fans Do Not Know

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The life of Stefan Salvatore is nothing short of a Hollywood movie, it has adventure, horror, romance, mystery, and everything that one could imagine. It’s no suprise that Stefan Salvatore is the narrator of the Vampire Diaries, it’s his story, and the story is nothing short of epic. But despite knowing Stefan so well, there are plenty of facts and trivia related to his life that not a lot of fans are aware of.

So Take A Look At 7 Things About Stefan Salvatore That Many Fans Do Not Know


7 Things About Stefan Salvatore That Many Fans Do Not Know
The CW

Do you know there is a series of books that centers around Stefan Salvatore, written from the perspective of the TV Stefan’s version? It is his story as he narrates all the events that happened prior to his vampiric transformation and events that happened since he became an immortal vampire. These novels follow the events in detail such as when Founder’s Council tried to eliminate the Vampires, and how it all went down between the Salvatores and Katherine. It also covers the adventures of the Salvatores in New Orleans, encompassing all the events that have taken place prior to the Vampire Diaries series.


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Did you know when they were looking for an actor to fit in the role of Stefan Salvatore, the audition call read ‘An amazing and beautiful young man who is ageless and elegant, he appears to be 17-18, but in reality, he is a 200-year old vampire’. So the audition call mentioned the age of Stefan Salvatore as 200-year old, but in the show, we learned that he was born in 1846, making him 167 years old.


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Stefan Salvatore is the only known Vampire in the Vampire Diaries who is able to survive by consuming only animal blood. The reason he made this decision is that he cannot control his addiction to blood. Similarly, his Ripper impulses make him lose control and go down the spiral. In Season 3, When Stefan was compelled, he was able to fight it off, saving Elena in the process. It proves how much he loves her and how strong his emotions are. He even managed to push Klaus who compelled him to obey. This is because Vampirism is a curse born out of dark magic. Stefan is a compassionate human who is not suitable for vampirism. As Vampirism magnifies feelings and emotions, amplifying their core characteristics so people like Stefan will feel and experience more emotions as a vampire. But as vampires have animalistic tendencies, humans like Stefan will find a conflict between the demands of being a vampire and their true character. So they easily lose control and ended up becoming a Ripper by turning off their humanity.


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