7 Things That Make No Sense About Castiel

Hello Readers! Welcome to Humor Nation. Castiel has become as integral to the story-line of Supernatural as the Winchesters themselves. The official member of Team Free Will has become overwhelmingly popular among the fans but every coin has two sides.

Have you ever noticed these 7 things that made no sense about Castiel? Let’s have a look!

1. He never changes his clothes!

7 Things That Make No Sense About Castiel

Okay, we get the fact that Castiel’s signature look was inspired by the DC character John Constantine. It’s pretty cool, but is there any other reason why this Angel barely changes his wardrobe? Castiel might find himself more comfortable wearing something else other than a trenchcoat.

2. His True Form!

Even after all these years, Supernatural fans have yet to see the true form of Castiel. Why didn’t we get a glimpse of his true fan? It must have been because of the TV budget. Hope we could see how Cas really looks like in the future.

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3. How Did God Resurrect Him All This Time?

When Castiel returned in Season 13, he revealed that it wasn’t the God who resurrected him. God holds no power in the Empty, a place where the Angels go after dying. So how did the God bring him back before? I think the only rational answer is that Castiel never actually lost his life, but only his vessel prior to the Empty incident.

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