7 Things That Make No Sense About Castiel

4. How Did He Grow A Beard When He Was In Purgatory?

It’s a minor flaw! We saw Dean somehow managing to give himself a shave and come out clean, so how come Castiel ended up with a beard? Both the dudes were together all the time. Maybe it’s because everything stops growing in Purgatory like growing of nails and hair. But how come Cas had the beard?


5. His Convenience Store Meltdown!

Castiel is not a human with emotions, he’s been around since the dawn of time. The scene in ‘The Clip Show’ which exemplifies the devotion and knowledge that Castiel has about Dean. An angel breaking eggs, destroying property in shock, and the fact that he’s attacking a civilian. All simply because the Clerk ran out of pie which isn’t something he should be blamed of. And Castiel lost his temper for such an issue.

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6. How Is He Still In The Same Vessel?

Chuck AKA God once said that he’s built Castiel more times than he can remember. We know Angels and Demons don’t love their vessels, so why would Castiel be so much attached to his meatsuit? Of course, it’s because we fans love Misha Collins and would never allow any other actor to play his role. Jimmy Novak is long gone. God could give Castiel any form when he resurrects him. There needs to be an explanation why Castiel is still wearing Jimmy Novak’s suit.

7. His Power Levels Keep Changing!

Sometimes to suit the plot, the angels are given specific abilities, but at other times those abilities don’t seem to work. An angel can read minds, disintegrate anyone with a simple snap of their fingers, but sometimes it just doesn’t work or they have to get close to the person to do it. Castiel has lost and regained his powers numerous times. He became the god and he became the angel who was out of juice.


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