7 Things That Were Changed In The TV Show From The TVD Book Series

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. The Vampire Diaries is an amazing show that made the vampires relevant and popular again. Even though the show came at a time when Twilight movie became a major hit. It was natural that numerous people compared TVD with Twilight, some dared calling it a rip-off. But only after watching the show, people realized that it’s entirely different and does a better job in telling the story of the vampires, werewolves than Twilight. TVD is based on the novel books of the same name by LJ Smith. While adopting the books into TV show, the creators made several changes that they felt necessary for the TV version. If you have read the books then you’d surely understand how the writers failed at certain things, but there are a few things they did better than the books.

So Let’s Take A Look At 7 Things That Were Changed In The TV Show From The TVD Book Series

7. Stefan Salvatore is a noble and compassionate character. She refuses to give into his savage vampiric nature. This is the reason why she consumes only on animal blood in the show to survive, not feeding on humans. However, he has fed on Elena a few times in the show. But in the books, sharing of blood is considered to be extremely intimate. It is significant when two people share blood. In the books, he fed on Elena’s blood, but in an intimate way and not casually.

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6. The love triangle is the highlight of the show. The show starts with Elena dating Stefan, but soon finds herself drawn to his brother Damon. Ultimately, it’s Damon with whom she ends up, lives a long life until they die together. Whereas in the books, her true soulmate is Stefan Salvatore with whom she ends up with.

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5. Elena Gilbert is the heroine of the show. It’s her story, a teenager girl who falls in love with a mysterious vampire. While the premise and storyline is quite similar. But the personality and physical appearance of the character is entirely different. She is blonde with blue year, has a fair white appearance in the books. Whereas her TV counterpart has brown skin. The personality of Elena in the TV version is compassionate, empathetic, simple, and caring. Whereas her novel version was a mean popular girl who was selfish and always acted on her self interest.

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