7 Things That Were Changed In The TV Show From The TVD Book Series

4. Our favorite cunning and manipulative Katherine Pierce is quite different in the books. She is actually Katherine Von Swartzchild, In the books, Klaus turns her into a vampire whereas she is turned by Rose’s blood on the show. In both TV and books, she sires the Salvatores and the love interest is also there. But her personality is quite different in the books. She isn’t as mean and manipulative as we have witnessed her on the show. Also, both Elena and Katherine are actually sisters, both born from the same mother named Elizabeth in different centuries. They don’t know each other, but through the Salvatores their paths cross. While on the TV show, we learn they are doppelgangers and Elena is a descendent of Katherine Pierce.

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3. Meredith Fell made her appearance in the third season of the TVD. A doctor who would become the love interest of Alaric Salztman. But did you know that her character played a major role in the books. She is Meredith Sulez in the books, the bestie of Elena and Bonnie, and the only woman who Damon Salvatore is scared of because she can see through him. She played a significant role in numerous storylines. However, her TV counterpart is a side character who didn’t get any spotlight to shine. The writers originally planned to introduce her in the pilot episode, but because they had numerous female characters already so they removed her from the pilot. In the books, she develops a close friendship with Stefan Salvatore and appeals to his compassionate nature.

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2. The entire story of the Vampire Diaries takes place in a mysterious town named Mystic Falls. A town that attracts the supernatural creatures and is a hub for all sorts of paranormal activities. This town is the place where the Mikaelsons settled after coming from Norway and where they would transform into the Original Vampires. Then the Salvatores helped in founding the town and lived in the 1800s. It’s the same place where Katherine Pierce arrived and converted the Salvatores into the vampires. But you’d be surprised to know that the town is named Fell’s Church in the books. Due to some reasons, the creators were unable to use the name ‘Fell’s Church’. Therefore Mystic Falls was used. Also, compared to the books, there’s a major difference between the timeline of the death of Elena Gilbert’s parents. Another change is that the last names of several characters are different on the show.

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1. In the pilot episode, we see Elena Gilbert dealing the tragedy of losing both her parents and becoming an Orphan. She lives with her aunt Jenna Sommers along with her younger brother Jeremy Gilbert. But you’d be surprised to know the character of Jeremy doesn’t exist in the books. Elena Gilbert actually has a younger sister named Margaret who is actually an Angel/Human hybrid. In the books, the name of the aunt with whom Elena lives is Judith. The character of Jeremy has played a big role on the show. The storyline of him becoming a hunter and resulting in the death of the Original Vampire Kol doesn’t exist in the books. Also, the writers purposely didn’t introduce the angel species on the show because they didn’t want to make show too supernatural.

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