7 Things That Were Changed In The TV Show From The TVD Book Series

3. Meredith appeared as a minor character in the third season of TVD. She was a doctor who takes an interest in Alaric. The two were romantically involved for a while before Alaric turned to darkness. But in the books, she played a bigger role. She was one of the best friends of Elena Gilbert. The character of Bonnie is also different. In the book, she was a short person with red hair.

5 Things That Were Changed In The TV Show From The TVD Book Series

2. The Mystic Falls is the town where the Salvatores lived back in the 1800s and it is also the same place where the Original family of Mikaelsons settled and became vampires. Whereas the books featured a place called Fell’s Church instead of Mystic Falls. There’s a difference in the timeline of death of the Elena’s parents. Some characters had different last names in the novels.

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1. In the TV Show, Elena becomes an orphan after her parents die in a car accident. She along with with her brother Jeremy lives with their aunt named Jenna. Also their aunt Jenna is aunt Judith in the books. Whereas in the books, Jeremy doesn’t exist. Instead, there is a young girl named Margaret who is the younger sister of Elena. Her sister Margaret was a human/angel hybrid.

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