7 Things You Did Not Know The Real Use For!

Everyday we see a lot of different things around us, we work using these everyday things. But we don’t necessarily know the purpose of some of the things we use, but we use it anyway. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Today at Humor Nation we are going to explore some everyday objects and things that you did not know the use of.

So Let’s Take A Look At 7 Things You Did Not Know The Real Use For!

1. Car Headrest

Things you didn't have the use for

The headrest of the car is for your head to rest obviously! It prevents the whiplash in case of accident, but it actually has an alternate use which could save your life. If you detach a headrest you can actually leverage the metallic part against the window to break it. So if your car is submerged in water and you can’t open your door windows like in this picture then remember this tip. You don’t even have to be strong to do it.

2. Holes In Earphone

If you own an apple earphone then take a good look at them. You’ll notice it has three holes in total, not just one hole for the speaker. But the big question that arises now is why do we need the other two holes? The reason behind this as explained by Apple is that they allow small amounts of air through the field between the earphone in the ear that allows the speaker diaphragm to move back and forth. This allows it to move more freely transmitting a better sound. It also means that if you talk with your earphones in your voice won’t sound strange and muffled.

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3. Tabs On Tin Foil

If you hate it when tin foil or cling wrap keeps falling out of the box when you use it then you’re not alone. But did you know that on the packaging there are little instructions on each end that tell you to press them in and VOILA they actually hold your foil in place. Seriously I don’t even know how I got here without knowing this, like what is my life.

4. Blue Side Of An Eraser

Back in the school days we used to have an eraser which had one blue side and the other red side. We used to believe that the blue side was meant to erase the pen writing. We even tried erasing the writing in pen, but end up ruining our books. The reality is that the blue side is for erasing writings of pencil on hard surfaces like wall. And to erase the pencil writings on soft surfaces like paper, the red side is used. Now since you know this important information, pass it your kids so that they won’t make our mistake.

5. Black Hole Between Flash And Camera

We people use our camera all the time to take selfies and click picture. We know a lot about your phone, but I bet none of us has any idea about the tiny hole between the camera and flash. The tiny squished hole is a microphone, this microphone doesn’t record your voice, it is used for recording the ambient noise hence the positioning is pretty far away from the mouth. Then it digitally subtracts the ambient noise from the main microphone, resulting in a pretty clear voice on the other side.

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6. Little Pocket On Your Jeans

For many of us, the purpose of that little jeans pocket is still a bit unclear, why is there in the first place? Well to find out its use, ask any 19th century gold miners or the cowboys of the west, the small pocket is where you’d keep your pocket watch. This goes way back when the jeans were first invented.

7. Hole In Pen Caps

So you think the hole in the lid keeps ballpoint from drying out? A lot of people think that the hole in the cap of a ballpoint pen is there to keep the pencil drying out or that it’s there to keep a pressure balance that prevents depends from making. However the real reason behind this is really surprising. If a small child who is chewing the cap accidentally chokes on it then this hole will help in lowering the danger of suffocation. The whole prevents the airway from closing up.

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