7 Times Bollywood Shamelessly Copied From South Korean Movies

We all know that Bollywood is the famous Indian film industry which is also one of the largest film industries in the world. Compared to the Hollywood, India’s Bollywood produces more number of films every year, and that too in many languages. But when it comes to making original and quality cinema, Bollywood mostly run out of ideas, and it takes serious inspiration from Hollywood at times. It’s a well known fact that Bollywood copies from the western cinema. As a matter of fact sometimes the so called ‘inspiration’ is so powerful that you can’t spot a difference between a scene of the two movies.

South Korean Cinema

But what most of the fans don’t know is that it’s not only Hollywood that Bollywood copies ideas from, the Indian filmmakers turn to the South Korean cinema too when they’re out of original ideas. The South Korean cinema success continues to boom and it’s influencing the cinema around the world, as a result South Korea cinema is a promising film market for the Indian filmmakers who can steal from here and serve it to the Indian audiences who never had a taste of such art.

So Let’s Take A Look At 7 Times When Bollywood Shamelessly Copied From South Korean Movies

1. The Indian remake lacks the depth and was dismissed by the critics. It’s an unofficial remake of the original, that’s inspiration without permission. The original “Oldboy” is based on the Japanese manga of the same name.

2. This Korean film also has an American remake which was released in 2008. The Indian remake is horrible, don’t watch it.

3. This was an official remake, it was a commercial and critical hit in India.

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4. The remake isn’t as violent and gory as the original, it is filled with some cheesy Hindi songs and yeah it’s okay.

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5. The Indian remake did really well and was declared a blockbuster. The remake had a female lead and the guy who played the role of the serial killer stole the film with his performance.

6. In the film we learn that the reason why the pawn shop owner cares so much for the little child is that his wife and child were killed, and he couldn’t do anything. And he used to be an agent which explains why he’s so badass.

7. In the Indian remake they changed a lot about character’s background, giving him a back story. But still the original one is a lot better.

So guys, tell me how many of these South Korean films have you seen? Do you prefer the original or the Indian remak of these hits? In case if there are any other Indian films that are copied from the Korean Cinema which we have not included in our article then you can let us know and we’ll surely include them in our next article. Feel free to express your views and opinions by commenting below the article. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Like our Facebook page Humor Nation
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