7 Times When Klaus Hurt His Siblings In The Show

4. Killed His Mother

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The Mikaelson family was surely complicated and no one could really understand whether they love or hate each other. Klaus in a rage killed his own mother when he got to know his real identity and deprived his sibling of their mother too. He daggered and shut her in a coffin for years and when she came back he used her as bait and ended her life with Dahlia’s.

5. Abandoned His Siblings

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Klaus often used to abandon his siblings, he did that with Elijah, Kol, and Rebekah many times. He may show that he cares for them but such behavior proved him wrong each and every time. They were so scared to cross him thinking that Klaus might again dagger them that they used to have no choice but to hear him.

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6. Killing The People His Siblings Loved

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He killed Emil who Rebekah was in love with years ago and also killed Celeste who Elijah was in love with during the 1800s. He was a monster at that time and at his least human stage.

7. Turning Against His Siblings

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Klaus turned his back against his siblings numerous times. His family always followed their vow “Always and Forever” which kept them together but he only used this for his own favor. He used Freya for her witching abilities, used Elijah even though he was the only one to stand by his side, used Rebekah even though she was the only one who cried every time Klaus got hurt, used Kol when he needed him or else just ignored him as always and he did that with Fin too but Fin knew who he was and never took his side.

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