7 WWE Wrestlers Who Have Killed People!

Nobody requires a prologue to the wrestling industry and the talented wrestlers and superstars who perform in it. They put their bodies on the line to entertain us, they undergo wrestling training, learn how to execute moves, and put on a show. They take a serious toil on their body and severe punishment in the ring just for our entertainment. It’s no wonder that most of the wrestlers don’t get to live a long life because their injuries, the drugs usage catch up with them. A wrestler’s life is not an easy one, it requires a lot of sacrifices, and quite often their story is filled with pain, abuse, and regret.

So Let’s Take A Look At 7 WWE Wrestlers Who Have Killed People!

1. The Great Khali

WWE wrestlers who murdered people

So while the Great Khali was in APW, he had a match against Brian Ong. Before the match, Brian had obtained a concussion, but was forced to do the match anyways. He was under the contract, but keeping in mind that the Great Khali is slightly botch prone, this wasn’t a good idea. During the match Brian received two consecutive flapjacks by the Great Khali and in doing so took another concussion. After the match he was then rushed to hospital but was then later pronounced dead.

2. Verne Gagne

Through in his later years he began to get ill and consequently went into a home. While in an argument with Helmut Gutmann, one of the residents of Bloomington where he lived. He picked up Helmut and  body slammed him to the ground, severely injuring him and consequently causing the untimely death. Due to his current state of dementia, Verne was immune from any charges, but sadly he passed away sometime last year.

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3. Jimmy Snuka

After WWE taping in 1983, Jimmy phoned police to tell them that his girlfriend was unresponsive. She was then taken to hospital, but pronounced dead. There it was revealed that she had many cuts her body and had obtained an injury to her brain. After many years of the case unsolved to what had actually happened that night. It then became apparent to what had happened, Jimmy Snuka was then charged with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter.

4. Chris Benoit

The year of 2007 saw the death of Chris Benoit and his family. To tell the short story of this incident, basically one night Chris returned home to his house and for whatever reason had decided to commit the unthinkable, he murdered his son in his bedroom, shot his wife and then hung himself. There is much speculation to have Chris did actually commit these sins himself or whether he was framed. But the evidence does point towards Chris Benoit committing the double murder suicide. There are many theories to what have happened. I am still a big fan of Chris in the ring, but what he did outside the ring is horrible.

5. Scott Hall

Before turning into a Pro wrestler, Scott was a bouncer at a strip club. Scott was then involved in a heated dispute and for self-preservation, Hall shot and executed the man in the parking garage. He was initially accused of second-degree kill yet then the charges were dropped because of the absence of proper evidences.

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6. Ox Baker


The wrestler who was very much acclaimed and known for his facial hairdo has slaughtered two wrestlers with his signature move “The Heart Punch”. In 1971, when he was wrestling a match where he used his signature finisher on Alberto Torres and he passed away 3 days after the match. Many people believed that the finisher caused the death. Again in 1972, he used the “Heart Punch” on Ray Gunkel and he too died.

7. Brian McGhee

He’s known for his time in WWE where he wrestled as “DT Porter” under the WWE Development company, the FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling). But people mostly know him for the brutal murder he committed, he stabbed his girlfriend Bianca McGaughey to death in an apartment. He fled the scene, but was caught by the cops after a high-speed car chase.

So guys, what do you think about these famous WWE wrestlers who allegedly killed people? I am a fan of these names, I respect what they did in the ring, but what they did outside can never be justified. Don’t forget to share your views and opinions by commenting below the article! And like our Facebook page Humor Nation
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