8 Best Klaroline Moments That Deserve A Rewatch

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Caroline and Klaus is one of the most popular ships in the TVD Universe. This fan favorite ship has shared many moments together. Although, nobody expected that the Original Vampire Klaus Mikaelon and the Miss Mystic Falls Caroline Forbes could be involved in a relationship together. Klaroline never became an official ship on the show, but there was lots of unspoken chemistry between the two. Fans were so moved by their dynamic that they campaigned for these two to end up together. However, Julie Plec had different plan for the characters. It was because of the popularity of the ‘Klaroline’ ship that the character of Caroline Forbes found her way to the New Orleans, intertwined in the complicated affairs of the Mikaelsons.

So Take A Look At 8 Best Klaroline Moments That Deserve A Rewatch

8. WORLD IS BEAUTIFUL (Season 3 Episode 11)

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Their story truly began in Episode 11 of the Season 3 when they first shared the screen together. Due to Klaus’ compulsion, Tyler ended up biting Caroline, Klaus comes to Caroline’s house and offers to cure her. Their moment together is special because it allowed Caroline to gain a new perspective on vampirism. Klaus offered her the beauty and adventures of the world.

7. THE LAST LOVE (Season 4 Episode 23)

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Klaus had become more popular than the Salvatores by the fourth season. Due to the popularity of the Mikaelsons, a spin-off titled ‘The Originals’ was also launched around the same time. TVD Season 4 finale ‘Graduation’ saw Klaus showing up to save the day in Mystic Falls. He first cured Damon Salvatore of the werewolf venom and then saved Caroline & group from the witches. Klaus was in a generous mood as he offered Tyler Lockwood his freedom as graduation gift to Caroline. He parted ways with Caroline by declaring his relentless love for her, saying he intends to be her last love.

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6. GIVING IN TO THE PASSION (Season 5 Episode 11)

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Once Originals started airing, Klaus and Mikaelson siblings became occupied with the show. But Klaus found a way to make a quick visit to the Mystic Falls on the invitation of Damon to mock the misery of Katherine. Klaus also surprised Caroline and asked her to confront her true feelings for him. As a result, Caroline gave in to her feelings and what followed next was one of the most passionate scenes in the Vampire Diaries.

5. THE MIKAELSON BALL (Season 3 Episode 14)

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Season 3 saw the reunion of the Mikaelson Siblings who all were daggered and kept in their coffins. Esther also rose from the grave and this called for a good old fashioned Mikaelson celebration party. Klaus invited Caroline to the ball and sent her a beautiful blue gown to wear for the occasion. Caroline wasn’t sure at first, but she made up her mind which also gave us one of the best Klaroline moments. The two danced together and allowed the viewers to witness a different side of Klaus as he opened up his art to Caroline.


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