8 Best Klaroline Moments That Deserve A Rewatch

4. STAY STILL (Season 4, Episode 18)

The CW

Although Season 4 built up ‘Silas’ as the big bad villain who eventually failed to live up to the hype that surrounded him. But nonetheless, the threat of Silas was real as he could conjure up any form and could manipulate any being. Silas tricked Klaus in believing that a White Oak Stake has been inside his back and he cannot breathe. Klaus enlists the help of Caroline to break free of the spell. During this moment, Caroline wasn’t afraid of Klaus and gave him a good piece of her mind which resulted in one of the entertaining Klaroline moments.

3. YOU ARE SAFE LOVE (Season 3, Episode 21)

The CW

In Season 3, Esther returned and wrecked havoc over the Mystic Falls. She transformed Alaric Saltzman into an Enhanced Original Vampire with the intention of eliminating Klaus Mikaelson. The Enhanced Original Alaric was so lost in his darkness that he started hunting all the vampires. So when Caroline tried running free from the Alaric, Klaus showed up, grabbed, and pulled her to the side. Hearing the reassuring voice of Klaus, Caroline felt relieved.

2. THE PHONE CALL (Season 7 Episode 14)

The CW

Since their passionate moment in the woods, Klaus and Caroline haven’t spoken with each other. But in Season 7, an accidental call connects them. Caroline is confused and having second thoughts, but the familiar voice of Klaus comforts her and assures her that she is making the right choice.

1. THE GOODBYE (Season 5 Episode 13)

The CW

The Originals finale episode is bittersweet. While Elijah convinced Klaus to bid a proper goodbye to the family, Klaus eventually accepts. As Klaus leaves the room, he finds Caroline Forbes standing next to him. She says that Klaus owes her a tour of New Orleans. Both of them share a moment at the Rousseau’s. Caroline tells Klaus that she will never forget him and they kiss.

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