8 Countries That Have Strictest Animal Welfare Laws

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. It really hurts to see when an animal is treated like a non-living material on the streets. People should really take care of animals as they cannot speak about their problems, so it is just us who are liable to take care of them and understand what they want or what they need or feel like. In my views, certain laws should be imposed for animal protection in every country and today we’ll discuss some countries who have strict laws when it comes to animal protection and animal welfare. So let’s start!

So here is a list of those 8 countries that have strictest animal welfare laws!

8. Austria

8 Countries That Have Strictest Animal Welfare Laws

According to the Austrian Animal Welfare Act 2004, animal life is equal to a human life and Austria is said to be the best country when it comes to taking care of animals. According to this Act, no animal should be caged and every animal should let free and cruelty against them are punishable. Violating this law may cost you up to $2420 and in higher cases $18,160.

7. Switzerland

Switzerland is the first country who brought a provision to protect the dignity of animals. Switzerland works a lot to improve the living condition of animals and any kind of activity that degrades the living condition of animals or their dignity are forbidden by law. In the year 1992 Switzerland became the first one to recognize the protection of animals.

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7. United Kingdom

In the UK if you mistreat an animal then a 51-day jail term is given to you for the negligence of law. The penalties in the UK are pretty strict but it is good regarding the welfare of animals and sometimes $20,000 is taken up as fine for behaving badly with animals.

5. Germany

The Constitution of Germany strictly protects animals if any kind of harm is done to them. In the European Union, Germany is the first country to give constitutional protection to animals and strict punishments are given in case of mistreatment of animals.

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