8 Disturbing Facts About Google

Welcome to Humor Nation. Google organizes information all over the world and makes it accessible to everyone. We know its requirements well but google has a pointed eye on your private lives too without your consent, they are obsessed with marketing ads which manifest in dangerous ways, google grabbed fit bit and many more things which were marked as the biggest error in google.

Here are some disturbing facts about google!

1) Google assistant breach:

8 Disturbing Facts About Google

We all know about google assistant, a verbal assistant which records its command in verbal form and use it further. in 2019, some confidential files were transferred to google these files contain names address their personal talk even their sex lives conversation. previously a spokesperson admitted this and said that workers listen to their convo and use it to improve AI language. Google admitted yes that it was a security breach.

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2) Unknowingly promote fraud and risky companies:

8 Disturbing Facts About Google

Many people trust and search for investments on google. a company named which? ask people to invest but show no details about risks involved due to which many suffered through problems. Google cares about paid ads but not about the security of customers.

3) Google is a stalker:

8 Disturbing Facts About GoogleEven if you turn off all the location gathering permission they can still track you easily and google does it to boost advertising revenue which actually works and they earn 95.4 billion dollars from 2014-17. Google said that user can turn off all the permissions but this process is clumsy.


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