8 Facts About Ramayana That You Didn’t Know

Welcome to Humor Nation. Ramayana, an epic written by Valmiki is preached by many of us in terms of ethics. The epic provides us with insights in the ideal life of Lord Rama and is a known fact for everyone. Let’s talk about the lesser known things today.

Here are 8 facts about Ramayana that I bet you didn’t know about-

1. Rama’s sister!

8 Facts About Ramayana You Didn't Know

Lord Ram had an elder sister, Shanta. Yes! You read it right. You’re welcome.

2. How Ravan got 10 heads?

A known fact about Ravan is his devotion for Lord Shiva. But, the lesser known fact is that Ravan actually cut off his head as a sacrifice for the lord but it grew back again. This happened 10 times until Lord Shiva finally gave him all his 10 heads back.

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3. Lankapati Ravan? You’re wrong.

The original king of Lanka was Kuber. He had created Lanka for his own use but his stepbrother Ravan attacked him and took away the palace. Not cool Ravan, not cool!

4. Laxman was a spirit of Shesh Naag.

Everyone is familiar that Lord Rama was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu but what people don’t know is that Laxman was a deity of Shesh Naag.


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