8 Famous Logos With Secret And Hidden Meanings!

Famous logos
some of the most common and famous logos in the world and their hidden meanings. Let's look at the hidden meanings behind them.

Have you ever looked at these logos and wonder where did the ideas for these come from? what do these logos really mean? Well, here are some of the most common and famous logos in the world and their hidden meanings.

Let’s Look At The Secrets Behind Famous Logos.

1. Toyota.

I remember when I first saw this logo, I thought it was a study you live surrounding a bowl with horns, i.e but these three ellipses actually represent the three hearts i.e the heart of the consumer, the heart of the product and the heart of progress in the field of technology.

2. Amazon.

I’ve always thought the Amazon logo was a smile and it is but it’s also an arrow that connects A to Z which represents a variety of products that Amazon offers, That’s amazing!

3. Vaio.

You’ll have to be sort of a nerd to get this one if you separate the VA and the IO, you’ll see that the first two letters represent the analog symbol and the last two are binary, you have to a tech guy to understand this.

4. Mitsubishi.

This one is probably one of the hardest logos to figure out without some back story, the Mitsubishi logo combines the three-leaf crest of the Tulsa clan and the three-Diamond crest of the US hockey family, also the three diamonds represents reliability integrity and success also if you separate the word Mitsubishi, Mitsu means three and Bishi means diamond shape.

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5. McDonald’s

Yes, we all know that the golden arch is the letter ‘M’ in McDonald’s but did you know that in the 60’s McDonald’s wanted to change their logo but a design consultant insisted on leaving the golden arches of Huawei here’s the reason and it’s kind of creepy, he said it’s because customers all consciously recognize the logo as symbolism of a pair of nourishing breasts, that is why I always get two big taxes to the one.

6. BMW

Most people think that BMW logo has been associated with a blue sky and a propeller spinning, but actually the colors blue and white to represent the Barbarian Free state colors, the reason is a little different because using a national symbol in a commercial trademark was illegal, so the colors were arranged in the opposite order.

7. Coke.

This was really hard to see and is pretty tame compared to their competitors, Pepsi’s logo if you look closely at The ‘O’, you can see the Denmark flag. Now, this wasn’t a plan and one day coke randomly realized that part of their logo looks like the Danish flag which has been named the happiest country on earth, so they kind of just took that happiness theme around with it.

8. Pepsi Logo

Okay! this thing is just crazy and if you look at the new Pepsi logo and the old one there’s not much of a difference right? only thing is the new logo is rotated a little and the lying in the middle is different but can you believe that Pepsi actually paid brand consultants million dollars for this thing that I could have done for bucks.

Here’s where it gets more crazy so the brand consultants couldn’t really go back to Pepsi and just be like yeah for your million dollars we just took your old logo and played around with the settings on Photoshop so they gave Pepsi a page document titled breathtaking design strategy to show that this logo is actually like The Da Vinci Code of branding so supposedly the logo draws inspiration from Fung Shui, the Renaissance the way the Earth spins the theory of relativity that the universe and even more. So basically if you can figure out the Pepsi logo.

Those were some of the facts and secrets behind famous logos.

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