8 Hidden Dark Theories About Joker

Hey everyone! Welcome to Humor Nation. Joker! is there anyone who didn’t think about the iconic villain after hearing the name? Many say the character of joker overpowers all other actors. Fans wish to know every single thing about their beloved icon.

So, here we are! with a list of 8 dark unknown facts about joker that are still hidden from the world.

1. The Soldier

Its hard to note that down the makeup, our favorite villain was a soldier. He just came across some horrible experiences that changed him. And this is what made him our favorite ” THE JOKER’.

8 Hidden Dark Theories About Joker

2. Immortal Joker

We have seen the good always win over the bad. But to our shock, the negative part here is immortal. We have seen him escape death quite a few times and here’s the reason.

3. It’s Actually – Robin

It’s also a shock to know that Joe and Robin are the same. Oh yes! Next time when you see the batman vs superman, note the deaths and you’ll be sure about this.

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4. Super Sanity Origins

We all know him as a man dressed in a clown attire who does not possess any superpower. All the facts known about his super sanity are just theories developed by the fans.

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