8 Hidden Dark Theories About Joker

5. A hero need now!

The Dark Knight will always remain iconic. Heath Ledger got all the attention and got fame as a villain. But he was the unsung hero of the script. He followed a different way and sorted all the matters.

6. Laughter God

Who says a villain signifies sadness? Joe never did so. A theory suggests that he is the god of laughter. And maybe that’s the reason he asked- ” Why So Serious?”

7. Infectious Mind

Joe can infect people with his mind. This is scary. This theory suggests his mind is made up of viruses that can change people’s notion and make them accept all his bids. He could do anything if it got for real.

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8. The Killing Joke

The last series of the Batman show keeps it open to people about its end. One thing is sure the joke is alive. The idea must be about Batman. Did he bring down all his superpowers? Did he survive? or Did he go insane? The camera never showed.

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