8 Indian TV Shows That Are Copied From Famous International TV Shows!

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If Bollywood movies were not enough, Indian TV shows have taken concepts, characters and even entire TV shows on famous international shows.

If Bollywood movies were not enough, Indian TV shows have taken concepts, characters and even entire TV shows on famous international shows. Discussing some of the copy versions of established shows, we’ll be talking about many of these shows.

Let’s Take A Look At 8 Indian TV Shows That Are Copied From Famous International TV Shows

1. Tedi Medi Family

Tedi Medi Family is an Indian sitcom television series which premiered on 8th June 2015 and is broadcast on big magic. The series is about working-class family and their daily struggles in terms of raising teenagers, economic setbacks and social constructs. The show is exactly similar to the successful and extremely funny TV show- ‘The Middle’ that focused on the same aspects and struggles of a working-class family and is carried on for nine seasons. The original is much superior in content and execution and it is quite embarrassing to see the Indian version of the series.

2. Zabaan Sambhaalke

The show they ran for two seasons and saw Mr. Mohan Bharti played by Pankaj Kapur. He was a Hindi teacher in a language school. This show was hilarious and one of people’s favorites in the 90’s. The show is exactly identical to a successful British show called ‘Mind Your Language’. The show is set in an Adult Education College in London and focuses on English in a foreign language class taught by Mr. Jeremy Brown. Both shows were impressive and extremely funny in their own way and were very memorable shows.

3. Pyaar Ki Ek Kahaani

Pyaar Ki Ek Kahaani was a popular TV show that introduced viewers to the world of vampires. A world that has been thoroughly introduced in international mediums. Abhay Raychand as the brooding mysterious vampire who has a romantic relationship with Piya. Abhay’s character is the exact copy of Edward Cullen from the Twilight series. But, the influence of the show is not restricted to just Twilight. The main premise is actually taken from Vampire Diaries. Vengeful brothers their love and obsession for a girl, a family in history and a deep dark world of vampires. The main premise is directly taken from the popular TV show.

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4. Ek Hasina Thi

An extremely successful show on Indian television was a crime thriller called Ek Hasina Thi. It focused on an independent and confident woman Durga and her encounter with a wealthy family. The dark past with numerous incidents of injustice and the individual seeking for vengeance. Does that sound similar? The premise of the show is undoubtedly inspired from the successful American TV show ‘Revenge’. From the protagonist to influences of multiple characters, every aspect is taken from the hit TV series.

5. Jeannie Aur Juju

Ali Asgar is a pilot who after a plane crash is on a deserted island. He opens a bottle and suddenly there appears a beautiful genie roaming freely. She helps him escape as his wish is her command. There is a lot of madness that follows with the interaction of both leads. The show is directly taken from the successful TV show that ran from 1965 to 1970 called ‘I Dream of Jeannie’. An astronaut after the failed mission gets deserted on an island opens a bottle, a genie appears and then all the craziness that follows exactly the same.

6. Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi

The well-known and famous show that made Mona Singh famous and loved by viewers was Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi . The show that followed Jassi and her day-to-day struggles with individuals judging her on appearance. Her interactions with colleagues at work, many character conflicts and twists and turns were loved by all. The show took exactly the same premise as the Colombian drama ‘Yo Soy Betty La Fea’ which focused on the same issue and struggles with the protagonist Betty. The Colombian TV show was further adopted in English as well and it ran for 4 seasons.

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7. Karishma Ka Karishma

The show that aired for a total of 65 episodes on Star-Plus was a big hit with audiences. The story revolves around a scientist Vikram, who designs a very life-like robot. The family poses her as an adopted daughter and the suspicion and doubt with neighbors and the family is what the show focused on. The show is an identical rip-off of the classic ‘Small Wonder’ which portrayed the family of a robotics engineer. He secretly creates a robot modeled after the human girl then tries to pass it off as their adopted daughter.

8. Hello Friends

The most famous worldwide phenomena which is still talked about today was F.R.I.E.N.D.S. A show that ran for 10 years and 10 seasons took us through everything. It has friendship, heartbreak, responsibilities, trust and love for one another. But, did you know that India tried to do their own spin-off of the famous show while it was still airing? It was called ‘Hello Friends’ which premiered in 1999. Sadly and evidently, the show did not last as it was not even close to the vicinity of the best show ever.

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