8 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Castiel From Supernatural


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Eric Kripke kept the debut of angels secret on the show. The audition for Castiel was advertised as auditions for a demon role. After landing the part, Misha Collins added his own touch to the character. As he believed Castiel has not been in touch with the humans so there’s a naiveness and curiosity when he interacts with humans. Therefore Misha came up with the idea to make Castiel be more endearing and socially awkward which caused the birth of iconic look and personality of Castiel. Misha added a gruffy voice for Castiel to and he tried to keep the character ‘angelic’. Eric Kripke based the look of Castiel on DC Comic hero John Constantine.


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The name of the angel Castiel carries religious origin and has a significance in certain religious texts. The angel appears in various religious texts such as Christian, Jewish, and Islamic. Castiel is considered to be an archangel in Christianity and with the introduction of the angel Castiel, Eric Kripke introduced the Christianity theology to Supernatural. This name has Hebrew roots meaning ‘Shield of God’ or another translation is ‘My Cover Is God’. Castiel is the first angel to appear on the show.


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Did you know Jimmy Novak isn’t the first vessel of Castiel, he first used an unnamed woman’s vessel. Castiel’s vessel is Jimmy Novak who is a devout man. Due to his faith, the angel Castiel accepts him as his vessel. Jimmy offers his body and mind to Castiel. Afte the passing of Jimmy, Castiel became the sole owner of the vessel. Jimmy Novak’s vessel is probably the strongest on the show as it has managed to house several supernatural creatures such as an angel, an archangel, a demon, and numerous Leviathans. He has also been possessed by three beings; two angels and a demon at once.


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Castiel’s character has probably one of the best character arcs on the show. His character has undergone numerous transformations, not just physically, but also emotionally. His character has been involved in various story lines which has showed his character development. When the show started, he was a loyal soldier of the heaven who obeyed all the orders without any question, but eventually he defies the command and assists Sam and Dean. The show has done a tremendous job in showing the complicated struggle of Castiel with his care for Winchesters and unwavering loyalty for heaven. From being a stoic angel to becoming an angel with humor and forming close relationships with humans, Castiel really came a long way.

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  1. Misha as Cas was the best, and using the role to inspire people to give to Random Acts and support charities that help other people was an amazing inspiration. That’s why I love Misha, not just Cas.


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