What If IPL Teams Actually Represented Cricket Playing Countries?

5. Delhi Daredevils(DD): Bangladesh

Just like the team of Bangladesh, Delhi Daredevils is one of the least favourite teams of all. But one thing is definitely common in both of these and that is a great batting side. Also, both the teams are struggling to get the top places in the tournament but are not able to fulfil that. They do have the ability to chase big targets and they play good in home conditions.

What If IPL Teams Actually Represented Cricket Playing Countries?

6. Kolkata Night Riders(KKR): West Indies

Both the teams have one of the most top rated batsmen in the world who can win the match all alone by themselves. Destructive batsmen like Andre Russell and Chris Lynn with skipper Dinesh Karthik, KKR has the perfect recipe to win the matches. Any target they get, they can chase out like a sweet pie, Remember 2016 T20 semifinals or 2012 IPL final? both the teams absolutely crushed the opposite team.

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7. Kings XI Punjab(KXIP): Pakistan

Kings XI Punjab has one of the strongest fanbases in the IPL team just as same as the Pakistanis are fond of their cricket team. The excitement, enthusiasm and the love for the game give these teams a good place in the tournament. One very common thing that can be witnessed in both the teams are their young captains with great temperaments.

8. Rajasthan Royals(RR): Srilanka

They both were champions once but lost the track and today are lost in the crowd of lots of teams. Both the teams had some senior players which got away with the careers and now all the load is taken by the young lads which create experience problems and unfortunately, they lose matches which they could easily win. They are working hard to get back on track and get the fame they had once.

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