8 Most Powerful Characters In The TVD Universe


10 Most Powerful Characters In The TVD Universe
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Hollow AKA Inadu is the most dangerous and powerful enemy the Originals have ever face. Inadu was ruthless and evil as a human, but after her death she grew much more dangerous. While the birth of Inadu was supposed to bring peace and prosperity for her tribe, but it brought chaos and destruction. She’s the one who cursed her tribe to transform into a beast form on every full form which resulted in the birth of the werewolves. What makes Hollow the most dangerous is her relentless pursuit of power. Her sole purpose was to gain more and more magical strength. She managed to easily beat the Upgraded Original Vampire Marcel. Hollow bested the Mikaelsons and let’s not forget she killed Elijah, an Original Vampire, a feat no other enemy was able to accomplish in over a thousand year. Eventually it took four originals to contain the spirit of Hollow to put a temporary stop to her. But even that didn’t work out, she started corrupting them. It eventually claimed the life of Klaus proving why Hollow is the most lethal foe in the Originals history.


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Okay, let’s admit something here. Bonnie Bennett is the real MVP of the Mystic Falls Gang. If it weren’t for her, they wouldn’t have survived. Countless times Bonnie came to their rescue and did countless sacrifices for others. Bonnie has the power which is equal to or above the powers of 100 witches. She single handedly managed to contain & redirect the hellfire. Let’s not forget she’s a psychic who matched Cade which is unbelievable, considering Cade is the ruler of Hell and like 4000 years old. Bonnie managed to break the unbreakable spell of Kai and saved Elena. She even created a Prison World on her own, a feat which required an entire Gemini Coven to do so. And let’s not forget the pocket dimension Bonnie created with her scream. Also, unlike Freya who always needed to channel something while casting a powerful spell. Bonnie managed to hold her ground and even broke the spells of the Original witch Esther. Remember it took Davina plenty of time along with plenty of help to break the sireline spell of Esther. Unlike other witches who have been guided, tutored, or been a part of the coven, Bonnie studied and developed her magical potential on her own.


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Okay, many of you knew already who’d be at number one. Hope is the first and only tribrid in the existence. A combination of a vampire, werewolf, and a witch. Her very miracle birth was a loophole allowed by the nature for a very special purpose. Her birth became the premise of the Originals while Legacies is where she comes into her being. Hope Mikaelson is a powerhouse, she’s still pretty young and learning how to use her raw power. But we already have seen her doing some amazing feats. We saw her magic potential pretty early when she was just a child, being able to locate Elijah’s mind, able to unlink Davina & Hollow, and plenty other stuff. And when she activated her werewolf side, she became even more dangerous. Also, let’s not forget she can use her blood to sire hybrids & vamps.

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