8 People Who Predicted Their Death Accurately


5. Bob Marley 

The popular singer Marley was also known a prophet to many people. He had an intuition of his death at 36. Bob actually died at 36 years of age. The singing sensation also knew the art of palmistry.

6. Milky Welsh

The Former Bassist of Weezer had the instincts of his death 2 weeks earlier. He tweeted to his fans about the intuition. And exactly after the duration, His corpse was found at a hotel room in Chicago.

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7. John Lennon

John Lennon was the co-founder of a successful commercial music band ‘THE BEATLES’. He made his death prediction during an interview. His fans knew he would die being popped up by a loony and that was the cause too.

8. Arnold Schoenberg

He was the innovator of many known compositional techniques. Arnold brought a revolution in the field of music and painting. The fear of number 13 had an instinct in his mind that he’ll die on the same dates. Indeed, It was Friday 13,1951 that Arnold left the world

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