8 Questions You Simply Can’t Answer!

Although we have made some pretty huge advancements in knowledge and technology, there are still a lot of things we just can't answer.

Although we have made some pretty huge advancements in knowledge and technology, there are still a lot of questions we just can’t answer. There’s no guarantee that we’ll ever learn everything about ourselves or even the universe. So, here are the top questions you just can’t answer.

Take A Look At 8 Questions You Simply Can’t Answer

1. What’s At The Bottom Of The Ocean?

Today, we have only explored less than 5% of the ocean. It is extremely hard for humans to explore the depth of the ocean simply because our anatomy can’t handle it. So, we have to continue sending unmanned vehicles as far down as possible. We have made some progress and discoveries of bizarre animals and we’re very far from discovering what really present at the bottom of our oceans?

2. Why Do We Dream?

We spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping but scientists are still researching for complete explanations as to why we sleep and dream. Of course, scientists have the knowledge about when we dream, why sleep is healthy? But, they don’t have an answer to why we dream? I mean why do we have these noises and images in our heads? It just doesn’t make sense sometimes. Some people speculate that dreaming could play a role in memory, learning and emotions. But it is hard to prove this.

3. How Many Species Live On Earth?

We’ll never know how many different species roam our planet because there’s just way too many. Experts estimate that we’ve only accounted for 1.5 million species. So, we only know of a small number of species living on earth. That means that the majority of organisms still need to be discovered.

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4. Is Time Travel Possible?

This is one of the most captivating topics that is highly debated. A lot of people simply believe that time travel is just fiction but maybe we just haven’t figured out how to make time travel work for us yet. One possibility is Wormholes which are like bridges that can help people move through time and space. You can theoretically enter in it and wind up on the other side of the galaxy in a different place and time. But again, this has never been done yet.

5. What Makes Us Human?

The human genes are 99% identical to the chimpanzees and 50% of bananas. We do have brains when compared to most other animals, but we don’t have the biggest. A lot of things that use to distinguish us as humans such as language, using tools and recognizing yourself in the mirror are also seen in other animals.

6. Is The Universe Finite Or Infinite?

When we look up into the Stars, it is easy to think that the universe is infinite. But, what if we’re able to travel to the outer edges of the universe? What would we see? Would there be an end? We just don’t have this knowledge yet. But, one day we surely might get this knowledge.

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7. Are There Other Intelligent Species In The Universe?

Some people think we’re the only intelligent life forms in the universe. Researchers say that there’s almost no way that earth is the only planet able to sustain life. There could be as many as 40 billion habitable planets in our galaxy alone. But, the fact of the matter is our technology isn’t advanced enough for us to find other traces of life. So as of right now, we can’t answer this question.

8. What Happens After You Die

Everyone on this planet would love to have a better idea of what happens to them after death. Unfortunately, we’ll never know the answer. Why? Because when you die, you can’t just come back and tell the person what happened to you? What you just experienced? So, there are only theories like there is a heaven, there is a hell, will we be reincarnated? We just don’t know about this.

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