8 Real Life Final Destination Death Cases

Final Destination franchise is globally popular, known for its goriest deaths and an interesting plot. Final destination plot was originally conceived as an episode for The X-Files in 1995, but somehow turned into the movie series which did really well. The idea shown in the film series is simple, you just can’t escape death. You may get lucky, you think you can cheat death, but after a while your luck runs out, and death catches up with you.

So Let’s Take A Look At 8 Real Life Final Destination Death Cases!

1. Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov

Final Destination

On June 24th 2011. Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov died after complaining from chest pains. She was declared dead and was all set to be buried, while mourning her death at her funeral, her casket suddenly flew open. To everyone’s surprise, the woman was still alive. The 49 years old woman wasn’t exactly dead, she woke up from the dead. After she screamed in horror, she was taken to the hospital where she lived for only 12 minutes in the ICU. She died of a heart attack. It’s quite bizarre, right?

2. Elzie and Phyllis

Father Elzie Bud Warren and daughter Phyllis Jean Ridings were flying in their homemade aircraft in 2009, but something went wrong and the plane caught fire. They both survived the plane crash in Texas after it caught on fire. Somehow miraculously the father and the daughter made out alive of the plane crash. Just four years later the father and daughter died in a plane crash. The cockpit filled up in smoke and crashed in a ball of fire just a mile north of Conroe city in Texas.

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3. Jessica De Lima Rohl

Student Jessica De Lima Rohl was getting ready to go out to a night club when her boyfriend begged her not to go. Jessica cheated the death that night by deciding not to go to the Brazilian nightclub, making a last moment decision. That night the nightclub caught fire, leading to 238 deaths. Calling her boyfriend her guardian angel. She picked him up from work five days later. They both died when their car was hit head on by a truck in a freak accident.

4. Hilda Yolanda Mayol

When terrorists attacked the WTC on September 11, 2001, Hilda Yolanda Mayol was lucky to escape the 9/11 attacks while working at the ground floor restaurant. However she died tragically after boarding the plane of American Airlines Flight 589 that crashed into the New York borough of Queens just 30 days later on November 12, 2001. Around 260 passengers were killed in the crash.

5. Jessica Redfield

Jessica Redfield, a young blogger and sports news broadcaster from Texas who was working as an intern at a Denver radio station survived a mall shooting in Toronto after deciding to go outside to take some fresh air. She stated that a weird feeling saved her from being in that shooting. She was one of the 12 people to die at the famous Dark Knight Rises movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado.

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6. David Furr

In 1977, the entire basketball team of University of Evansville died in a plane crash. Suffering from an ankle injury freshman David Furr didn’t go. Just 2 weeks later he died in an accident by a drunk driver along with his brother. Sounds like a death out from Final Destination series.

7. Johanna Ganthaler

In 2009 Johanna Ganthaler missed her Air France Flight 447 because she arrived late at the airport. The plane crashed into the Atlantic killing all 228 people. Just 2 weeks after the ordeal, her car swerved into a truck killing her instantly.

8. Ye Meng Yuan

Asiana Flight 214 crashed in 2013. In the midst of the panic, fire fighters were dousing fire retardant to stop any flames. A 16-year-old named Ye Meng Yuan managed to escape the plane covered in this fire retardant. Standing just 30 feet away, she was lying on the ground after escaping the wreckage. Surprisingly she survived the 2013 Asiana Flight crash at San Francisco International airport. Tragically Ye Meng Yuan and her classmate were then struck by a fire truck. It is said that the fire retardant made her invisible. They were the only victims of the accident.

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