8 Reasons Why India Is Still Not Independent

5. Caste and Religion

India might put up an united front but the truth is there are innumerable divides in the country based on caste and religion. People here prioritize their religion over the country. Well, only if people believed in combining the growth of one’s community along with that of the country’s.

6. Unemployment

India has a serious social problem of voluntary as well as involuntary unemployment. The weapon of a highly populated country like ours is its manpower. But how are we supposed to move forward ‘independently’ if a major portion of this population is unemployed?

7. Woman’s Safety

How can you call yourself independent if your citizens don’t feel safe in their own country? The condition of women in India has always been a matter of concern, issues like domestic violence, male-biased mindset, rapes, female exploitation and human trafficking must be dealt with firmly. It isn’t that laws aren’t imposed for these issues but it’s high time that they should be taken seriously.

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8. Child Labor

Did you know most of Indian products are banned in the outside world because their production includes child labor? Child labor denies the kids the right to an education and a normal childhood. It is considered one of the worst social evils and India seems unable to get rid of it.

So, these were some obstacles which come in the way of India being able to stand completely independent. Well, it’s high time they’re brought to notice.
Aradhana Bose
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