8 Reasons Why RCB Team Is Becoming The Worst Team Of IPL

Hello Reader! Welcome to Humor Nation. If you’re an IPL fan and do not miss any match of the whole season, then you must probably be on the same page that I am on. RCB with great players like Virat Kohli and Ab De Villiers still losing every match in a row which is really saddening for sure, especially for RCB fans(May God be with you). So today, we’re going to check out some reasons why:

10 reasons why RCB as a team is becoming the worst of the IPL history:

1. Bowling:

The worst part of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team is the line of bowlers they have with them. Other than Chahal, No bowler could get the batsman slow pace the runs that are being made. RCB even by giving a big target which is above 200 runs could not stop the other team with their bad line of bowlers and any target is chased easily by the opponent team.8 Reasons Why RCB Team Is Becoming The Worst Team Of IPL

2. Poor captaincy by Virat Kohli:

From choosing the opening batsman pair to changing the sequence according to the condition of ground or the bowlers, Virat Kohli has mostly taken wrong decisions or maybe it didn’t turn out right, whatever may be the case, it has been disastrous for the team. Starting from the first match where every batsman reached merely double-digit runs and got out immediately to the bowling strategy in the last game, everything is going wrong.

3. Kohli’s Lacking experience:

Under the Reign of Virat Kohli, the inexperienced captain, the team has to face a lot of problems and due to which they are not able to succeed in any of the matches. Gautam Gambhir once said – Kohli is not a tactical captain, his actual problem is two folds. He completely lacks, what is a winning team captain experience. In IPL, you have limited resources and talents, so the role which is needed to be played is the skills game.

8 Reasons Why RCB Team Is Becoming The Worst Team Of IPL

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4. Relying on the batsmen:

No doubt, RCB has one of the best batsmen not just in IPL, but in the whole world. Batsmen like Virat Kohli and Ab De Villiers could win the matches single-handedly without the help of anyone, but my friend the game of cricket is not just played by batsmen, you need to strategise team-play, the sequence of batting and the right time to introduce the best-suited bowler/batsman on the field.

5. Fielding:

One of the many reasons why RCB is not able to make its position in the top teams of Ipl is because there is no communication between the fielder, the result of which, catches are dropped and boundaries are very often missed. Along with bad bowling, bad fielding is just adding to the curse to the team. Take an example of Hyderabad ground, which is big in size. The doubles were not stopped and there was no pro-activeness at all.

6. Team selection and Decision making:

Kohli wins the toss and chooses to bowl first, that too in a batting pitch. I mean, what the hell with these decisions. Also, Tim Southee and Washington Sundar have been sitting in bench for the longest time when they could bat and make use of the good pitch. At least they would have kept the run rates up and the pressure down.

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7. Communication:

There has been a serious miscommunication between the striker and Non-striker end which led to various run-outs and loss of wickets. Also, communication between the bowlers and Kohli was also weak throughout the pressure which in turn gave lots of runs to the batting team as this is a team game and should be played like it.

8 Reasons Why RCB Team Is Becoming The Worst Team Of IPL

8. Peer pressure:

After losing the matches continuously one after the other, RCB has been a victim of meme-makers and are being trolled at a relatively large scale for their performance. The internet is flooded with jokes saying RCB is the team that directly offers points to the opposite team. Virat Kohli is also trolled a lot and result of which, the players are underperforming at the most.

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