8 Reasons Why You Need ‘Lucifer’ In Your Life!


Welcome to Humor Nation. He’s the Lord of the Hell, he’s the mysterious Prince of Darkness, he is the cast out, fallen angel, and soon he will be back for round five of punishing the bad and to reunite with his true love. The deliciously devilishly charming Lucifer Morningstar made his anticipated debut to Netflix a few months ago and the show has already become the most binge-watched show on the Netflix. Due to its popularity, Netflix has renewed the show for the fifth and final reason.

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Lucifer has all the ingredients which make it a must watch television. It has the hilarious buddy-cop comedy, a fantasy drama, and is based on the famous Vertigo comic book series. There’s humor, mischief, murder, and celestial beings! However, if you are still not sold yet, then we have brought to you some amazing reasons as to why you should watch Lucifer today!

So Let’s Take A Look At 8 Reasons Why You Need ‘Lucifer’ In Your Life!

1. The Devil Knows Your Desires!

8 Reasons Why You Need 'Lucifer' In Your Life!

The devil is irresistible to almost every human! He’s charming, mesmerizing, and has the supernatural ability to make people voice their most intimate innermost desires. He is a pun-loving devil with the amazing gift of the British gab. He’ll make you fall in love with him.

2. Lucifer Is Police Procedural Drama

8 Reasons Why You Need 'Lucifer' In Your Life!

Even though there are character arcs and plot storyline that run continuously through every season. We see the characters develop with each season. What makes it more interesting is the fact that the show is also a police procedural series. Every episode of Lucifer deals with a different kind of crime, whether it be mystery or murder, which is solved by the devil and the beautiful detective by the episode’s end.

3. Lucifer Is Based On A Comic Book!

8 Reasons Why You Need 'Lucifer' In Your Life!

The character of Lucifer Morningstar made his first appearance in Neil Gaiman’s comic ‘The Sandman’ in the year 1989. Due to the character’s popularity, it was given a spin-off comic book series which was written by Mike Carey. The book focused on Lucifer’s adventures on Earth after he took a vacation from Hell.

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