8 Stars Who Appeared In Supernatural Before They Were Famous!

Welcome to Humor Nation. The episode count of this famous fantasy TV show supernatural is all about to hit the 300 mark, Supernatural in its long adventurous journey has featured many guest celebrities and famous stars. Having been running on continuously for so long, it’s pretty easy to forget the name and faces of these famous guest stars. So today in this article, we will be featuring eight stars who appeared on Supernatural before they became famous for other things.

So Let’s Take A Look At 8 Stars Who Appeared In Supernatural Before They Were Famous!

1. Cory Monteith

8 Stars Who Appeared In Supernatural Before They Were Famous!

He also appeared in the hit TV show Glee. In Supernatural, he appeared in the episode ‘Wendigo’.

2. Alden Ehrenreich

This star appeared in the Star Wars Franchise film Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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3. Finn Wolfhard

He now plays the lead role of Mike in Netflix’s Stranger Things.


4. Marie Avgeropoulos

You might have seen her in the TV show 100.

5. Sterling K Brown

Sterling landed up a small role in Black Panther. He also appeared in This is us and American Crime Story.

6. Dylan Minnette

Best known for his role in 13 Reasons Why! He also appeared in the TV series Lost.

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7. Danay Garcia

She now kills the walkers in AMC Fear The Walking Dead. Danay also starred in Prison Break.

8. Rachel Keller

You fans will know her best for FX’s Legion.

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