8 Things Riverdale’s Cast Has In Common With Their Characters

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Everyone knows that this show is adapted from the Archie comics, but this show is much more than that. The cast and story are really different and new. But fans often wonder that is are the actors are different from their character on the show, we mean does Casey Cott really fancy men like Kevin? Is Cole Sprouse same as Jughead? Is KJ Apa a ruthless fighter like Archie? And Is Lili smart as Betty? There are many questions that revolve around them, so we are here with the answers to ease your mind.

So here are the 8 things Riverdale’s cast has in common with their characters on the show!

1. KJ Apa loves playing guitar like Archie

riverdale cast

Archie was always fond of music in the show and wanted to pursue his career as a singer before becoming a boxer later on. In real life also he loves playing guitar and at the age of 14, he released his album called The Third Room, where he played guitar and also sang the song.

2. Camila Mendes can sing like Veronica

riverdale cast

If you’re a true fan of Riverdale then you must’ve noticed that the cast usually sings their own part of songs. Well, Cami can sing really well and all the songs that Veronica sings on the show are sung by Cami only. She enjoys singing on the show.

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3. Lili Reinhart loves journalism

riverdale cast

Like Betty Cooper, Lili also has an interest in journalism and likes doing such things professionally. But later on, her passion for acting overtook that career.

4. Cole Sprouse has interest in art like Jughead

riverdale cast

Everybody knows that Jughead loves writing, but no Cole Sprouse also doesn’t write but he has passion and interest in photography which is also a form of art like writing. So they’re pretty much the same in this.

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