8 Things That Needs To Happen Before Lucifer Ends!

Welcome to Humor Nation. The fans thought that they would never ever get to see the charming Tom Ellis, the beautiful Lauren German after FOX decided to cancel Lucifer. But following a revolutionary fan campaign on the Internet, the biggest streaming network Netflix decided to pick up the series. The season four of the series was a hit, but the fans were left with many unanswered questions. With the news of the renewal of the show for a fifth season which will sadly be the last adventure of Lucifer Morningstar. We have brought to you eight things that should happen in Lucifer before it ends.

So Let’s Take A Look At 8 Things That Needs To Happen Before Lucifer Ends!

1. We fans have witnessed a lot of the dysfunctional relationship of the devil with his judgemental father, the almighty, God. It’s time Lucifer gets the answers and set the record straight with his estranged dad. 

Lucifer Memes That Sum Up Fans Sadness For The Ending Of Show

2. This one is pretty obvious, we can’t expect Luci to remain in hell for the entire fifth season! Although it would be fun to see the devil run the administration of hell for a couple of episodes. But he needs to return to earth and reunite with Chloe.


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