8 Things That Needs To Happen Before Lucifer Ends!

3. Over the course of four seasons, we have seen plenty of biblical characters on the show, but there are still a few characters which we are very eager to see. We have seen Maze make references to her mother Lilith, it only leaves us wondering when will the mom of all demons arrive on earth?

4. Right from the beginning, we have seen the character of Dan gone through a lot of adversities. Getting divorced, getting demoted, losing the love of his life. This character deserves something better. Now that we have seen the fling between Dan and Ella, it would be nice to see if they two ends up together.

5. Season 4 centered around on how Chloe coming to terms of accepting Lucifer’s true identity. But there are still a few people who should be made aware of Lucifer’s secret. It would be interesting to see how Ella and Dan would handle the situation. 10 Things That Needs To Happen Before Lucifer Ends!

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6. Over the course of seasons, it was never explained why Chloe makes Lucifer vulnerable? It’s one of the biggest questions that need to be answered. The fans have come up with their theories explaining the cause, but we have to wait for the official explanation.

10 Things That Needs To Happen Before Lucifer Ends!

7. While the main focus of the fourth season was the love story between Chloe and Lucifer, but it’s hard to deny the chemistry we saw between Eve and Maze. Eve desperately looking for someone who will love her, Maze being a character who isn’t really good with expressing her feelings, tries her best to win Eve. Let’s hope these two end up together!

10 Things That Needs To Happen Before Lucifer Ends!

8. It’s been one of the most amazing and yet extremely frustrating will they or won’t they relationships on TV right now. Now since the series is coming to an end, it’s time the writers and creators give Deckerstar a happy ending.

10 Things That Needs To Happen Before Lucifer Ends!

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