7 Urban Legends Of India That Everyone Should Know About

Hey guys, welcome back to Humor Nation. So keeping the fact in mind that we live a country full of superstitions and myths. It doesn’t surprise me to say that India has it own Urban Legends, creepy bizarre or plain stupid. These stories have been passed on from one person to another since ages. We have heard some of them and some of them have been disappeared, and some of them must turn around. So today we’re going to bring you eight stories about superstitions and myths that have been around for a while. Are the true? Are they fake? We’ll let you be the judge of that . We have included the myths that are either unpopular or silly or currently don’t exist anymore. So don’t expect Bhangarh mystery to be on the list of our urban legends.

So Let’s Take A Look At 7 Urban Legends Of India That Everyone Should Know About!

7. The Monkey Man

There was a time when every street of Delhi was terrified of this creature. In 2001 the allegedly monkey man was sighted doing his rounds, terrorizing the delights in the nighttime. Although the eyewitness accounts valid, the more or less consistent accounts of this savage beast was that it was four feet tall, covered in blackish gray thick hair with metal helmet, metal claws, glowing red eyes and three buttons on its chest. The police were involved, but they fail to capture anyone and after causing a lot of trouble in the city. The monkey man disappeared on its own if you have what the movie “Delhi 6” then you know what we are talking about

Trivia: The Delhi government employed 40 men on contract to keep the Grey Langoors of the manicured loss of politicians and well they were called the monkey man.

6. MUHNOCHWA The Face Ripper

An insect or an alien? Well we’ll never know much like the legend of monkey men in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh had its share of panic induced by Muhnochwa. A creature that appears in night and stretches the face of its victim. Muhnochwa which literally translates to someone who gloss your face out, became such a rampant problem in some areas that the UP government urged IIT Kanpur to send a team of scientists to look up to the matter. Without any concrete proof in hand, the team called it nothing, but a scare among the media the masses.

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5. The Nale Ba Witch Of Bangalore

Urban legends

Rumor has it that the witch roam in the streets of Bangalore in the 90s knocking on door to door armed with the power of deception. She would speak in the voice of close relatives and when you open the door, you die. So the residents of Bangalore they came up with a super smart plan they started writing ‘Nale Ba’ which means come tomorrow in Kannada on their toes. And it turns out that the witch was so brilliant that that she used to come, she used to read Nalepa on the door and she used to go back and then she used to come back the next day and the cycle continued.

4. Jhalak Dikhla Ja, Evil Spirit Summoning

This one is as stupid as it sounds. Himesh Reshammiya might be the only men whose music has the power to raise the dead. The song “Jhalak Dikhla Ja” from Aksar was banned from a village in Gujarat after people were allegedly getting possessed by evil spirits while humming. Apparently the music CDs and copies of the song were also burned down in order to save the people from getting possessed. As a matter of fact we are pretty much skeptical thinking that there any Himesh Reshammiya fan alive on this earth.


It seems like India has its own Bigfoot also known as Mande Burung which in happens in the thick subtropical forest in the remote Garo hills of Meghalaya. Nearly feet 10 tall and weighing about 300 kilos, the black and gray ape like animal is known to be herbivore, surviving on fruits roots and tree bark. While the forest officials have dismissed its presence saying that the creature could only be a part of folklore. Repeated sightings have created immense hype in the media in India and abroad. There are many urban legends about this creature all over the world.

Trivia: Believed to be found in several places in the world, the animal is known in the US as a Bigfoot, in Canada as a Sasquatch, in Brazil as Mapinguary, in Australia as a Yowie, in Indonesia as Sajarang Gigi and in Nepal as a Yeti.

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2.  Why Did The Villages Abandoned Kuldhara Village Overnight?

The village of Kuldhara in Jaisalmer was an eerie desolate feeling, one which gives you the chill when you walk through its abandoned houses. It is believed that the head of the region had his evil eyes on the village Chief’s daughter and wanted to forcefully marry her. Instead of submitting to his wish, all inhabitants decided to leave the village leaving no trail of their whereabouts. Kuldhara is said to be cursed by the villagers as it continued to be uninhabited by humans till today.

Trivia: Members of the Paranormal Society of Delhi reportedly spent a night at Kuldhara village. Moving shadows, haunted voices and hand imprints of children on cars where some of the unnerving things they observed.

1. The Deadly Onion Witch Of Balangir & Sambalpur

This is something we have heard of during our school days. There was a rumor that we old lady dressed in white used to not want to do after 7 p.m. and asked for one kilo of onions or potatoes, depending upon the storyteller. If you choose to give her what she wants, she would say that one member of your family would die and if you didn’t eventually all of your family members including you would die horrible deaths. This rumor was widely spread in the rural suburbs of Balangir and Sambalpur during 2007 and 2008. To prevent this from happening people used to write “OM” on their toes in order to repel this evil spirit much similar to the Nale Ba case we talked about earlier.

So guys did you enjoy our list of urban legends? Is there any other urban legends that you want to add to our list? Then do comment and thanks for reading.

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