8 Ways How Lucifer Is Different From The ‘Lucifer’ Comics!

Welcome to Humor Nation. The TV show Lucifer is loosely based on the comics ‘The Sandman’. The show was canceled by the Network FOX, but due to the immense love and support from its fanbase, the show revived on Netflix. Like other DC adaptations such as Gotham and Arrow, the show Lucifer also borrows only the basics of its source material from the comics and then goes on tellings its own original story. A lot has changed in the translation of the comics to the television screen.

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So Let’s Take A Look At 8 Ways How Lucifer Is Different From The ‘Lucifer’ Comics!


While in the comics, the storyline focused on Lucifer embarking on a journey to save all the creation. He interacted with different dimensions and many worlds. But the television version saw the devil solving crimes along with a beautiful detective.

8 Ways How Lucifer Is Different From The 'Lucifer' Comics!


In the TV series, when Lucifer grows tired of ruling hell, he gives up the throne and leaves to spend time on earth. But it turns out that he committed a big mistake, hell falls apart in his absence. The almighty God had to beg his once-beloved Child to return to hell. But in the comics, turns out Hell was pretty fine after his departure. It’s because God had a contingency plan ready in case Lucifer ever decides to retire. A pair of angels were tricked by God in ruling hell.

8 Ways How Lucifer Is Different From The 'Lucifer' Comics!

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In the show we see Lucifer showing sympathy in eons after his friend is found murdered outside the LUX. This prompts him to work alongside detective Chloe Decker to bring criminals to justice. While in the comics, God has a mission for Lucifer, the fallen angel could name any price for this mission.

Lucifer comics


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