9 Famous Bollywood Stars Who Copied Kim Kardashian’s Style

Welcome to Humor Nation. Hollywood styles are unique in itself whether we talk about their movies or about their dressing outfit. Hollywood always stand different and on the top of people’s mind. Hollywood gives motivation to Bollywood to create, build and develop something new. In terms of genre, clothing styles etc. We have seen many Bollywood movies whose topics or stories are taken from Hollywood and presented in the Indian way, more dramatic way. Kim Kardashian, a Hollywood star followed by many of our Bollywood celebrities just for her style of clothing which is interesting as well as unique.

Here are some of the celebrities who get motivated by Kim for their dressing style.

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan

It seems to be that Kareena got somewhat inspiration from Kim. It enhances her look of pregnancy. She is looking so much pretty, with the beautiful accessories which is just like the star on her look.
She saw many times copying Kim pregnancy style, and make that style worth on her.
Oh my God, this is the same dress by Tom Ford which was worn by both of the stars. God knows who copy whom, but their look is stunning, and both beauties are looking good.

2. Katrina Kaif

She copied Kim by wearing Ronald Mouret Annabelle Crepe Wool Dress, she is looking sweet in this dress.

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3. Deepika Padukone

What a cool look she is giving in this dress, they both are looking outstanding in their outfit.
Deepika is looking splendid in this dress and her look is totally making our remember of Kim. She wore a black dress with the high heels looks so well.

4. Kajol


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