9 Dark And Disturbing Facts About Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome to Humor Nation. No matter how perfect soul someone is, he will always owe a darker side, even our father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi have a darker side, that many of us where unaware of. Let’s read about the darker side of Mahatma Gandhi that will make you realize that why he is often referred as “overrated”.

So Let’s Take A Look At Some Dark And Disturbing Facts About Mahatma Gandhi!

1. Gandhi Ji was actually an active supporter of Orthodox dogmas, a type of caste system. He used to keep two diaries with him, one in Gujarati and the other in English. In English diaries he displayed himself as a supporter of equality, movement against untouchability etc, while in Gujarati diary, he mentioned himself as a strict supporter of dogmas.

9 Dark And Disturbing Facts About Mahatma Gandhi

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2. Subhash Chandra Bose once met Mahatma Gandhi and said that India has no hopes of freedom until Gandhism is followed because Gandhi’s useless rants of Ahimsa had made India impotent body.

3. Though Gandhi Ji followed Hinduism, in order to please the Muslims he banned the song ‘Vande Mataram’, which was actually a source of inspiration for Indians. This all happened when Jinnah demanded to ban this song in 1938.


4. Once Mahatma Gandhi demanded the Hindu refugees who actually occupied a mosque in Delhi to empty as soon as possible or he will go for a fast till death, and he actually did went for fasting. But when Muslims were brutally killing the Hindus and raping Hindu women in the newly formed Pakistan, he neither went into fasting nor he spoke anything about the matter.

5. Mahatma Gandhi was full of hatred for Hindu rulers specially Shivaji. In order to please the Muslims, he always stood against the Indians rulers and this was the main reason of the fall of king dynasty. Mahatma Gandhi even banned a poem called ShivBhaavani which depicted the atrocities of Islam.

6. He was against Dalits getting rights. He even went on fasting to prevent them for getting separate electorates , that is why he clashed with Babasaheb Ambedkar. He did nothing for Dalits, just gave them a new name – ‘Harijan’. People at that time were gullible and followed him blindly.

7. Mahatma Gandhi was a sex addict and was known for his sexual views and unusual tests. Where in one of such tests, he slept next to naked girls in order to test his restraint. In his most intimate and high sexual experiments, Mahatma Gandhi called upon his teenage grand nieces and forced them to sleep without clothes with him.

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8. He favored Nehru to become the first Prime minister of the country, by not accepting the mandate in favor of Sardar Patel in CWC, to become the PM of the country, this was the worst decision he ever took. He then pressurized Nehru to provide help to newly formed Pakistan after partition. He accepted partition to appease Nehru, Jinnah and the British rulers.

9. Hindustani, as indicated by Gandhi was a sweet amalgam of Hindi and Urdu. The reality of the situation was that Hindustani was just a cross breed dialect – Hindi undermined by Urdu. Hindustani was nothing more that a charlatan dialect with no sentence structure and obviously, no vocabulary by any means.

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