9 Shows & Movies That You Should Watch For The Originals Actors


9 Shows & Movies That You Should Watch For The Originals Actors

The actor will also be seen playing the role of the DC villain Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood in the Titans Season 4 which will air in 2022. The actor was cast in a supporting role in the ‘Brave New World’ which is based on the book of the same name. The show focuses on a utopian society that has attained peace and stability by prohibiting history, money, family, and privacy. His character is Elliott AKA CJack60/ who has been assigned to do tedious and physical jobs after he witnessed a horrendous event that affected him.



Daniella Pineda who rose to prominence after playing the role of the witch Sophie Deveraux who sets the major events in motion. Even though her character was killed in the 13th episode, but she managed to leave a long lasting impression on the fans. In 2019, it was announced that the actress had been cast in the live action version of the famous anime series ‘Cowboy Bebop’. Daniella plays the role of Faye Valentine who is a main member of the bounty hunting crew. She looks like 23 years old, but her actual age is close to 77. Her character wakes up from the cryosleep, but she has forgotten all her memories.



Yusuf Gatewood debuted in Season 2 as Finn Mikaelson who has possessed the body of Vincent Griffith. The actor was cast in a main role in the second season of the Umbrella Academy. His character is Raymond Chestnut, the husband of Allison Hargreeves who played a major role in the Civil Rights Movement. Their marriage is going well until the members of the Hargreeves family start showing up causing their relationship to fall apart.



Riley Voelkel’s Freya was the latest addition to the Mikaelson Siblings in Season 2. It took Freya time to win the trust of Klaus and Elijah, but she would prove to be a valuable member of the family. After the conclusion of the Originals, the actress joined the cast of Roswell, New Mexico where she played the recurring character of Jena Cameron. In 2020, she became a part of the TV series ‘Hightown’ She plays the role of Renee Segna who is the fiancee of the drug kingpin named Frankie and works as an exotic dancer at a bar.



The actress tasted her first success for her roles in the Disney movies, but her mainstream fame after being cast as Davina Claire in the Originals. She was cast in the main role in the horror anthology series titled ‘Tell Me A Story’ which aired on CBS. In Season 1, she played a high school student named Kayla who is the counterpart of the Little Red Riding Hood from the classic fairytale. In Season 2, her character is the counterpart of the Sleeping Beauty.

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