9 Things That Need To Happen In Third Season Of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

4. Retrieving Nick

Sabrina has set her mind along with her mortal friends that she’ll get to hell to save Nick. So it’ll be interesting to see how her plan goes and will they be able to rescue him or not and moreover what they’ll do about the Lucifer trapped in his body.

3. Mrs. Wardwell

At the end of season 2, we see Mrs. Wardwell coming back and Lilith going to hell. But something really seemed off, let’s see what the real Mrs. Wardwell has for Sabrina this time.

2. Let us help you!

At the end of season 2, we see that Sabrina and her friends form a club and they want to help Sabrina by saving Nick. Sabrina is not pushing them away this time and is ready to take their help. So it’ll be interesting to see what more dangers they’ll endure in next season while helping Sabrina.

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1. Sabrina goes to Riverdale

We have seen Sabrina mentioning her neighbor town Riverdale sometimes. So a crossover can be expected in the next season and what will happen after that will be interesting.

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