9 Things That Not Even The True Hannibal Fans Know About Silence Of The Lambs


9 Things That Not Even The True Hannibal Fans Know About Silence Of The Lambs

Remember this scene where Clarice has her last visit with Hannibal? Well, you probably didn’t know that the bars in Hannibal’s cell are wider than they should be. The production team had to build it this way simply because they needed to be sure the actor’s eyes wouldn’t be obscured by the bars. If they had been as a real cell, it would have been nearly impossible to shoot through the bars and still see both of their eyes. And their eyes are important to see because acting.


Here’s another thing from that same sequence. See that guy leading them out of Hannibal’s holding room with the walkie talkie (1)? Well, that guy is George Romero. In case you’re drawing a blank, George Romero is a horror movie legend. He wrote Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead. Pretty much anything with the word dead in the title, George Romero probably had a hand in it.

While we’re on the subject of supporting roles played by people who are kind of a big deal, let’s do a little rapid fire bonus things you didn’t know. (2) That’s Danny Darce, the country western singer songwriter. (3) That’s Chris Isaac in his second film role ever. Of course, Chris Isaac is most famous as a singer-songwriter and for (Bleep) Helena Christensen on the beach in Black and White. Lastly, during the attempted raid on Jame Gum’s house, there’s this guy, that’s (4) Ted Tally who wrote the screenplay for the film.


One last thing about this sequence when Hannibal escapes. So this officer was played by the late Charles Napier. But Napier started working with Jonathan Demme in 1977. Demme liked him and just kept putting Napier in all of his movies. It really helped legitimize him and boasted his career. Which, of course, set Napier up for his greatest role, Duke Phillips. That’s right the guy who got bludgeoned to death by Hannibal is the same guy who played Jay Sherman’s eccentric billionaire boss on The Critic.

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