9 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Indian Politician Dr. Subramanian Swamy

5. Swamy co-authored a paper with Paul Samuelson (the 1st American who won Nobel memorial prize in Economics Sciences) and the paper was published in 1974. Later Swamy becomes an expert on the Chinese economy and in 1975 Swamy wrote a book titled “Economic Growth in China and India, 1952–70: A Comparative Appraisal” and he just learned Chinese in 3 months.

6. Swamy got an invitation from Amartya Sen to join DSE (Delhi School of Economics). Swamy’s market-friendly views after moving from Harvard to Delhi School of Economics in 1968 were simply too radical and not palatable with Indira Gandhi’s socialist ‘Garibi Hatao’ India slogans.

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7. Later he moved to IIT in 1969 where he taught economics to students and he would often meet students at the hostels and discuss political and international views. Establishment goes away from Swamy and hostility cost him his IIT job from where he was unceremoniously sacked in December 1972 and in  1973 he sued the prestigious institute for wrongful dismissal. He won the suit in 1991 and to prove his point, he joined only for a day before resigning.

8. In 1974, With a young wife, a newborn daughter and no job, he got a phone call by Jan Sangh stalwart Nanaji Deshmukh picking Swamy to represent the party in the Rajya Sabha had him elected to parliament.

9. Swamy played a very important role in accessing the Kailash Mansarovar religious pilgrimage route for all people of Hindu faith in India. To make this happen, Swamy met the Deng Xiaoping China’s top gup pf the time (April 1981).

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