A Song Which Mohd Rafi Bleed From Throat! Rare Facts About Mohammed Rafi

Welcome to Humor Nation. Rafi Saheb is considered the god of singing. A complete book can be written on the tales of his singing

So Let’s Take A Look At Rare Facts About Mohammad Rafi!

1. Ae Mere Laadlo Utho

Rare Facts About Mohammed Rafi

The war of 62 and “Ae Mere Watan Ke” song of Lata ji, everyone must have known about it. But in the same period, Rafi Sahib also voiced a song. Many people got emotional after listening to this song composed by Naushad. Rafi Sahib was crying while singing this, but with the time this song was blurred by the memory of people.

2. A Song Which Made Mohd. Rafi Bleed

Baiju Bawra can be considered as a milestone if the Classicalism of the songs is made to scale. The singing peak of the story was shown in the story of Tansen and his guru’s brother. Naushad chose Rafi Sahib for playback. Rafi Sahab’s throat range is very high. Many singers will have to scream at the scales at which he could sing at ease. But while singing the song “O Duniya Ke Rakhwale”, Rafi Sahib’s vocal chords had to touch the high range octa which made him bleed out of his mouth. After this, Rafi Sahib could not sing for several days. However, after a few years, he re-recorded this song and sang at even a higher scale, even without any problem.

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3. Playback For Kishore Kumar

Two greats cannot be compared, Rafi and Kishor are similar. While Rafi Saheb is a classically trained singer who came learning from music ‘Gharana’, Kishore Kumar is a naturalist Genius. But there are 8 songs in which Kishore Kumar is on the screen and the voice is from Rafi Saheb.


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