Actors Who Turned Down The Opportunity To Star On Vampire Diaries

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. Vampire Diaries is a show which made the careers of numerous young stars, actors who were looking for a chance to build up their careers became global sensations with Vampire Diaries. Actors such as Matthew Davis, Paul Wesley got their big break with TVD. But did you know there are some actors and stars who got the opportunity to become a part of TVD, but they turned down the offer. Well, whatever the reason maybe, but TVD would have been entirely different if these stars were a part of it.

So Take A Look At Actors Who Turned Down The Opportunity To Star On Vampire Diaries


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Ashley Tisdale rose to great fame with her role of Maddie in the Disney Show ‘The Suite of Zack & Cody’. Her acting role in High School Musical Series boosted her popularity to next extent. She has given her voice in the popular Phineas & Ferb. Apart from being an actress, she is an accomplished singer with having multiple successful music albums under her belt. Did you know that she was approached by CW to star in Vampire Diaries as Elena Gilbert, but she turned down the offer to star in a different CW series titled ‘Hellcats’ which was produced by Tom Welling. This show revolves around a girl named Marti Perkins who has to become a part of the college Cheerleading team in order to become eligible for the athletic scholarship aid which she desperately requires.

Actors Who Turned Down The Opportunity To Star On Vampire Diaries
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Actors Who Turned Down The Opportunity To Star On Vampire Diaries
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Taylor Swift is one of the most popular artists in the world. She is well known all across the world due to her hit songs. Vampire Diaries came at the right time which used the people’s fascination with the nightly creatures known as Vampires and earned major success. Even though, Elena and Salvatores are at the center of the whole story, but there are several other characters who left their mark. One such character is Lexi Branson, Stefan’s BFF who was introduced in Season 1. Kevin Williamson, the co-creator of the Vampire Diaries is a fan of Taylor Swift and tried a lot to get the singer on the show. When they learned that Taylor is a fan of the show, a character was created keeping the singer in mind. But unfortunately it didn’t happen, the role eventually went to Arielle Kebbel who made the character memorable. Lexi Branson met her tragic fate in the very episode she appeared, but the reception Lexi received convinced the writers to bring her back somehow.


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