Actors Who Turned Down The Opportunity To Star On Vampire Diaries


Actors Who Turned Down The Opportunity To Star On Vampire Diaries
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Sarah Michelle Gellar attained international popularity for her iconic role of Buffy Summers in the cult series ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’. She has also appeared in numerous hit films such as Scream 2, Scooby-Doo, The Grudge, and many others. Kevin Williamson was the writer for the horror film Scream 2 which starred Sarah Michelle Gellar. The co-creator of TVD offered a small, but significant role to the Buffy, but she respectfully turned it down. The role which was offered to Sarah Michelle Gellar was of the vampire Rose.

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It would have been quite fascinating as the actress once played a vampire slayer and now would have played a vampire. The character of Rose would eventually be played by Lauren Cohan who appeared in Season 2. Rose would have a brief romance with Damon and it was her demise which displayed us the vulnerable and humane side of Damon Salvatore. Kevin Williamson revealed that Sarah appreciated the opportunity of the role, but politely turned down the offer. Interestingly, Sarah would appear in a thriller TV series known as Ringer which aired on CW in 2011 and was cancelled after its first season.



Actors Who Turned Down The Opportunity To Star On Vampire Diaries
The CW

NikkiTutorials is a master of the makeup tutorials. In one of her videos, the artist revealed that she was almost cast in the role of Meredith Fell in Vampire Diaries. It was way back when she made TVD makeup tutorials, she was contacted by the casting agency who noticed that she is a fan and offered her the opportunity. She was asked to reenact a scene and sent an audition tape. She was all set to star in the show and was in talks to be flown to Atlanta where the shooting takes place. However, when she was asked about her measurements for clothing, when she revealed she was 6’2, she didn’t hear anything back from the casting people.

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Did you know Pedro Pascal was nearly cast in the role of Marcel Gerard. The actor was in the front race for the role, but the role eventually went to Charles Michael Davis. Julie Plec talked about how she was obsessed with Pedro Pascal, the only issue was that Pedro was slightly older. Whereas Charles Michael was only 28 years old at the time and seemed perfect for the role. Had Pedro got the role then he would have been a part of the Originals for five seasons and would probably have missed on his iconic role of Oberyn Martell on the Game of Thrones. So whatever happened, it happened for good.

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