Adult Web Series To Watch If You Liked Netflix’s Sex Education

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Sex Education is a show on Netflix that was so amazing and funny and it this show took a dive into the life of teenagers and how they cope up with their budding sexuality. There are many other shows on Netflix that you’ll love if you watched Sex Education, so let’s start.

So here we bring you some shows that you’ll definitely like if you watched Netflix Sex Education!

1. The End Of The F***ing World

Adult Web Series To Watch If You Liked Netflix's Sex Education

This show is perfect for you if you liked Sex Education. This show also comes to Netflix and is about two rebellious teens who just want to get away from their life and home. Next is up to you.

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2. Big Mouth

Big Mouth is an animated show on Netflix and this is literally a brainstorming show. The episodes in this show are hilarious and are about the puberty misadventures you have.

3. A.P.Bio

A.P.Bio comes on Hulu and NBC and is about a former Harvard philosophy professor who is rude, crass and also hilarious who is busy with corrupting his class full of exceptional students to whom he teaches A.P. Bio.

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