After Supernatural: Shows To Watch Featuring The SPN Actors

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Welcome back to Humor Nation. With the conclusion of Supernatural, the fans are having a hard to move on and accept this is indeed the end of an epic journey. While a Supernatural prequel is in the works and would mark a new chapter in the Supernatural saga. Even the actors of the Supernatural have also taken up new projects and made appearances in different shows. While some fans would find it hard to see the actors beyond the roles and characters they portrayed on SPN. After all, their performances were definitely brilliant and will remain a highlight of their career. But it is also time for us fans to accept the brilliance of their acting skills and enjoy them in whatever next project they choose to appear.

So Take A Look At The Shows Featuring The SPN Actors After Supernatural

5. JIM BEAVER (B Positive)


Its interesting how Jim Beaver’s character Bobby was created to last only for one Supernatural episode, but the popularity and reception convinced the writers to keep the character around. Bobby Singer would soon become an integral part of the Supernatural. In 2021, Jim Beaver appeared in a recurring role in the second season of the show ‘B Positive’. He played the character of a cop named Spencer Williams who due to her political views find it hard to fit among people, often times ends up behaving inappropriately due to his strong views and ideas.

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3. MISHA COLLINS (Roadfood, Gotham Knights)

After Supernatural: Shows To Watch Featuring The SPN Actors
The CW

After Supernatural, Misha has become a part of two new projects.

  • Misha hosted the PBS new show ‘Roadfood: Discovering America’ which presents the heart and culture of America through its amazing regional dishes. Misha travelled all across the country to interact with different cooks, chefs, owners of bakeries, cafes, and restaurants. The entire season consisted of 13 episodes which featured Misha interacting with locals and discovering their community and culture, giving the viewers a good view of the diversity of America.
  • The second project in which Misha Collins will be soon seeing is Gotham Knights. This show centers around the Batman Family. After the demise of Bruce Wayne, his adopted son forms an alliance with the kids of the enemies of Batman. Misha will be playing the role of iconic Batman comic book character ‘Harvey Dent’. Even though the trailer of the show received mixed reviews from the fans, but everyone is excited to see Misha’s take on the character of Harvey.


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